Project & Decision Group 5

“Accelerate growth to become a global certification company by 2020” is the strategy of OBS System Certification (OBS SC). The plan is to attain sales growth significantly above market growth by strengthening and developing regional sales departments on the one hand and using a coordinated approach to winning global contracts from international customers on the other hand. In order to trigger and manage this development, five Project & Decision Groups (P&D) have been established.

P&D Group 5: Training

The Project & Decision (P&D) Group 5 is responsible for training and is headed by Shrikant Kulkarni from India. Steffen Roßberg from Germany is working as coordinator. Training is an important sales channel, especially international. After a positive experience at one of our seminars, customers often decide to come to us for certification. P&D 5 aims to establish ‘Training’ as a global product for OBS SC. Its focus will be to streamline and standardise classic classroom trainings and to introduce online trainings for our clients.

Numerous duplicates

At the start of the P&D Group, the first step was to get an overview of the training sessions available. The result: We offer more than 800 training courses worldwide, but there are many duplications. For ISO 9001 there are 72 different training courses. In order to avoid such duplication in the future, all newly developed worldwide training courses will be coordinated and controlled centrally. This applies to both classroom and online training.

Meeting in Dubai

After the first steps were initiated and coordinated via video conference, in May 2018 (almost) all training managers from the OBS system certification met live in Dubai for the first time. "Together we discussed which topics are important for the future and also which trainings we want to offer online and which in the classroom. The meeting was also a great opportunity to get to know each other personally and to network better", says Steffen Roßberg.

The members of the meeting in Dubai

Future plans

While the control process will be centralized in the future, the development will remain with the respective experts. Every country has its strengths here. In this way, a lot of double work will be rented out and the countries will benefit from each other. In addition, in future we will present a uniform layout to customers worldwide - regardless of whether they attend training courses in America or Italy.