Review: OBS System Certification 2017

Dear colleagues,

2017 was the first year of the OBS System certification and it was really a successful year – for the OBS SC and for BOLD MOVE. Sales has grown from 99.2 Million Euro in 2016 to 108.2 Million Euro in 2017 – one million Euro more than budget. This overall growth of 9 Percent – combined with a profit margin of around 10 Percent – shows the excellent potential of System Certification services in most regions of the world. Compared to 2016, BOLD MOVE 2017 has led to an increase in almost all areas of certification.

Several strategic projects have been started to fulfill the strategic objectives: An international sales team combined with aligned sales processes and methods have been established. New co-operations with several new partners started. Training has been established as a joint product of most of the clusters.

On the other hand there are some markets were we have not been able to deliver what we have promised and budgeted; esp. in Western Europe, Germany and Scandinavia. This has been covered – and more than covered – by regions like China, Asia and Eastern Europe. Nevertheless: We have to re-align our strategy in those regions where we have been as successful as we have planned.

In 2018 we have to work consequently on the measures we’ve started with: Sales, new products, new market entries and training. Additionally we have to start the implementation of SmartTic and we have to accelerate our activities in M&A.

From a global point of view, the most promising certification services will be:

  • Certification of IT-Systems (ISO 27001, IEC 62443, TISAX etc.)
  • Certification of Social Standards (BSCI, SA 8000, Sedex/Smeta etc.)
  • Training and personnel certification

I’m looking forward to a successful new year with all of you!

Wolfgang Wielpütz