new structure based on user perspective

Revision of the website

The websites are our most important tool to turn prospects into customers. By search engine optimization and by useful content we increase the number of website visitors. TÜV NORD CERT has started the ongoing process of Inbound Marketing by setting up a userfriendly and understandable navigation and SEO optimization. 

Improvements and next steps


TÜV NORD CERT has revised its website A new structure and navigation were introduced in the German and English sites. The objective of this necessary revision was to enable the website visitors to find their way around better and to get to the content they are looking for faster. In addition to entering the industry (e.g. metal and electrical industry), customers can now also navigate and obtain information about all certification topics (e.g. occupational health and foodsafety) or, as a third option, directly access the standard or service they are looking for.

This is a milestone for the operative Marketing to transfer the sales campaigns to the internet as main marketing channels for lead generation. The contacts on the English website have been filled with the sales staff of OBS Food worldwide.

During the implementation, all current criteria and trends in search engine optimization and website design were considered and implemented. The colleagues Stanka Boskovic, Narin Ufak and Iris Maaß were supported by the TÜV NORD web team from Hanover and the German SEO agency 72 degrees. Following the successful structural change, the optimisation of the content of the Internet pages is now on the agenda.

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