BRC Packaging: new version as of February 2020

Simplified hygiene regulations, fewer audit options - and additional requirements for quality assurance: From February 2020, version 6 of BRC Packaging will apply. Manufacturers of packaging materials should prepare for the changes in Version 6 in good time.


The following changes are particularly relevant in the new version:

  • The hygiene levels have been consolidated to a risk-based level
  • The two-part, unannounced audit procedure is no longer necessary, there are only completely unannounced audits (registration still voluntary)
  • Trade goods are now included in the standard and can be included in the scope of the certificate, the voluntary module is no longer applicable.
  • Introduction of a product safety and quality culture
  • Introduction of requirements for root cause analysis, corrective and preventive actions for sustainable elimination of deviations.
  • Additional requirements for traceability (e.g. traceability of samples, readability coding)
  • Additional requirements for product and process control (including microbiological environment monitoring)
  • Additional requirements for the site of operation (e.g. crossings, plans, pest management)
BRC Packaging Version 6 BRC Packaging Version 6 BRC Packaging Version 6 BRC Packaging Version 6