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Calendar of events: experience technology

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updated on 20 December 2017

Hack the future, enjoy treasures from the past, uncover enemy agents, discover start-ups ... find out how from our #explore events calendar for January to March 2018.

Dresden: e-bike-days

12.01.-14.01.2018, Messe Dresden
Read more about the “e-bike-days” trade and consumer fair here

There is no longer any need to arrive at work hot and bothered or to get out of breath when riding your bike – even on the steepest hills – as e-bikes and pedelecs are becoming ever more popular. Three million bikes with electric motors can already be found on German roads and cycle paths, and 500,000 more are being added each year. Anyone who is flirting with the idea of changing over to an electric bike can try out the different types at the e-bike-days in Dresden. A wide range of current models is on show, from traditional step-throughs up to cargo pedelecs, and they can be tried out on the indoor cycle track. Visitors can also find answers to all their questions about electric bikes, such as “What is the difference between an e-bike and a pedelec? How are the batteries charged? What is the range of the bikes?”, as promised by the website.

Mannheim: Hack to the future

19.01.-21.01.2018, Kinder- und Jugendbibliothek Mannheim
Read more about the “Hack to the future” hackathon here

Often still a thing of the future in the classroom - but already part of everyday reality for many young people: computer programming is not yet an official school subject, despite many experts demanding that it should be. But at the “Hack to the future” hackathon in Mannheim, young software coders between the ages of 12 and 18 can try programming and experiment as much as they like. In the N³-Bibliothekslabor library lab, young people can work together on digital projects for three days: from apps and games to websites and maps. Participants are also supported by experienced mentors during this second hackathon organised by the Initiative Kindermedienland youth media initiative of Baden-Württemberg. Register here.

Berlin: German Spy Museum

Permanent Exhibition, Leipziger Platz
Read more about the “German Spy Museum” here

James Bond and others like him: in these times of cyberwars, secret services increasingly use digital means for spying and sabotage. And the German Spy Museum shows the ingenious and devious methods used by agents from the earliest times in order to carry out their clandestine trade. Naturally in Berlin – “the capital city of espionage” during the Cold War. The exhibits extend from Hitler’s Enigma encryption machine through bra cameras, microphones hidden in shoes and umbrellas with poison darts up to some of the equipment used in the James Bond films. This is where amateur secret agents of all ages can decipher secret codes, hack their favourite website or navigate a laser defence system like Tom Cruise in “Mission Impossible”. And if you can’t get to Berlin in the spring, the exhibition is open all year round. Please note: this information will not self-destruct after five seconds!

Düsseldorf: Digital Demo Day

01.02.2018, postPOST
Find out more about the “Digital Demo Day” here

For the second time, the digihub Düsseldorf/Rheinland is inviting visitors to “touch and try the digital future” in the postPOST – Grand Central former sorting office in Düsseldorf. More than 50 technology startups from the areas of Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality, Drones, Smart Devices, Robotics, Internet of Things and Cyber Security will be presenting their digital solutions and latest technologies. The main themes of the lectures and expert discussions will be artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. And on stage, participating startups have five minutes to convince visitors of the merits of their digital ideas. The startup pitches on the open stage are moderated by Felix Thönnessen, well known as a coach of candidates for the German TV equivalent of “Dragons Den” (“Die Höhle der Löwen”).

Essen: Techno Classica

21.03.-25.03.2018, Messe Essen
Learn more about “Techno Classica Essen” here

You can’t find anything more nostalgic: as the website says, Techno-Classica Essen is the World Show for Vintage, Classic and Prestige Automobiles. In 2017 the largest vintage and classic car show in the world made the hearts of more than 185,000 visitors beat faster. And now, for its 30th birthday this year, more than 1,250 exhibitors from 41 nations are expected, who will present around 1,700 classic cars - from beloved VW Bulli campers to Bugattis. Besides the vintage exhibits from the automobile manufacturers themselves, more than 200 vintage and classic car clubs are always a main attraction at the event, presenting their lovingly restored and precious vehicles in imaginative settings in line with the show banner “Share the Passion”.