TÜV Croatia offers GoodChips® certification

TÜV Croatia is the first TÜV NORD GROUP company to offer GoodChips® certification. Only four certificates for the new certification system have been issued worldwide so far - two of them by us. Duro Tunjic, Managing Director of TÜV Croatia, explains what the new service includes and why it was introduced.

Mr. Tunjic, what exactly is the GoodChips® certification?

GoodChips® is the first international certification standard for wood chips and hog fuel. The label certifies quality levels from production to delivery. The 12-class certification system (8 for wood chips and 4 for hog fuel) was developed for companies that produce, process and trade in wood chips and hog fuel and that generally carry out activities that could affect the quality of the final product. It is also applicable to biomass cogeneration to achieve better control of the raw material - wood chips -, higher energy efficiency and lower maintenance costs.

Why was GoodChips® developed?

The growth in the popularity of wood chips and hog fuel in recent years has raised critical questions: How to facilitate trade with this fuel and make it more transparent? How do you harmonize the quality of the many different products on the market? How do you build a trustworthy system for end users to guide them in choosing the right product for their appliance? GoodChips® provides answers to these questions and is the result of the combined efforts of all stakeholders in the sector - from producers to traders, through boiler manufacturers and consumer associations. The objective is to create a fair, harmonized and transparent market for wood chips and hog fuel, where best practices are recognized through a certification system that covers products, processes and quality management.

Why was it important for you to offer this certification?

It is a new service for us and for TÜV NORD GROUP. Being first on the market is always very important. Furthermore, we are the market leader in FSC certification (wood industry) and it is important to offer our current customers a new certification system and added value. With this certification we will improve our connection to our customers and have the chance to offer new services to potential new customers. GoodChips® draws a clear line between companies that work hard and implement best practices to deliver quality and those that do not. Its International Management has taken a strict stance against brand fraud to ensure that your seal will always retain its value. A certification seal provided by a third party system that guarantees the values proclaimed is much more effective than any advertising claim at gaining and maintaining customer trust.

Is there a large market?

Bioenergy is the oldest form of energy used by man, but it is also at the forefront of Europe's current efforts to move away from fossil fuels and decarbonise our economy. As a result of European climate and energy policies, the use of bioenergy is increasing rapidly. However, bioenergy emits CO2 and its production can cause a variety of environmental problems. GoodChips® offers a sustainable and optimal use of biomass for energy production.

What should other TÜV NORD companies do if they are also interested in offering this certification?

For now, TÜV Croatia is the only company in the TÜV NORD GROUP that is authorized to offer this certification. Other companies can contact Mr. Krunoslav Boban from TÜV Croatia and we will provide support on all activities and question. Initially TÜV Croatia will stay the Certification and Inspection Body and all other subsidiaries (including TÜV NORD in Germany) would have their own inspectors to conduct inspections in their countries. Of course, if another company also wishes to become a Certification Body, we will provide support in communication with GoodChips® and in the preparations for obtaining authorization.

The certification audit of WOOD CHIPS, Serbia. Left is Mr. Vojislav Milijić (National partner of GoodChips® for Serbia), in the middle Ms. Kristina Mucko (Inspector from TÜV Croatia) and right Mr. Rade Aleksic (Representative from WOOD CHIPS).