Strategy 2025

Dear Colleagues,

The subject of strategy has always played a major role for TÜV NORD GROUP. It is currently particularly present, as the new Group Strategy 2025 has been developed. I am sure that you have read about it in the intranet or participated in the live conference with our Board of Management in October. The main topic of discussion was the general Group strategy.

At this point, I would like to take a brief look at what the new Group strategy means for OBS System Certification and what measures it will mean for us. The main areas of focus of the Group strategy, i.e. Growth, Innovation/Digitization, Internationalization and Customer Focus, also form the basis for us. If I were to summarize the strategy for OBS System Certification in one sentence, it would be the following: OBS System Certification is to be a global and highly recognized certification body offering a full service portfolio in TOP 50 countries and selected services in emerging new markets.

In detail, our strategy contains the following objectives and measures:

  • OBS System Certification grows in all relevant markets (including clear focus countries) while actively considering emerging opportunities in order to maximize global coverage (current successful strategy)
    • Innovation is not the main focus of our present approach but may be conducted if opportunities require innovative services
    • Digitization of processes through the introduction of SmartTic and implementation of CRM
    • Internationalization through the presence in TOP 50 countries, expansion to emerging markets and a structured M&A screening process
    • Presence in TOP 50 countries to better serve our customers globally.
  • OBS System Certification will measure progress towards its objectives of achieving revenue growth of at least 158 Million Euro by 2025 with a profit margin of 9.2 percent and geographical expansion.
  • OBS System Certification’s approach to prevail against the competition is to be in a position to offer the full scope of the most important certification services globally to the highest levels of quality.
  • To execute this approach, the necessary capabilities for OBS System Certification to be build and maintained are sufficient and effective sales and business development capacities, effective leadership and entrepreneurial spirit.

And some good news to finish off: TÜV NORD GROUP Management has just approved the establishment of a subsidiary in Switzerland and an investment program in Vietnam. 

We look forward to working with all of you to bring this strategy to life and successfully implement it in the coming years.

Wolfgang Wielpütz