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The new version 6.0 of the GlobalG.A.P. CoC standard comes into force on 22.09.2020. This means that from 23.09.2020 audits will be carried out according to the new version.

What is new in GlobalG.A.P. CoC 6.0?

  • The standard provides for the GlobalG.A.P. aquaculture logo GGN - also known as the GGN label - to be printed on the end product as a new label. In order to use the GGN label, fish farms as producers within the meaning of the GlobalG.A.P. must have achieved the degree of compliance "fully compliant" in the GRASP evaluation. In addition, a licence agreement for the GGN label logo must be concluded. GRASP is the GlobalG.A.P. Risk Assessment on Social Practice
  • Subcontractors who store and handle packaged, sealed and labelled products no longer need to be audited every year. A risk assessment for all subcontractors must be carried out in the new standard's version.
  • All sites where animal products from certified livestock farming or aquaculture are processed must be certified at the time of the chain of custody control according to a food standard recognised by GFSI or a HACCP standard based on the Codex Alimentarius.
  • The entire supply chain from the producer to the processor, packer, stockist, broker must be certified according to GlobalG.A.P. This also includes retail shops, restaurant chains and franchise companies, provided that they sell unpackaged products from GLOBALG.A.P. certified production processes, for example through a shop counter or fish counter, which are marked with the GGN label logo. The only exceptions are transport companies, as the risk of incorrect identification, substitution or dilution of certified products with non-certified products is very low.

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