Newsletter No. 8 | December 2017

Functional safety grows together


Preparations for the introduction of the new OBS Manufacturing Technology, to be headed by the nominated Manager Dr. Jörn Bruhn, are progressing rapidly. The OBS will launch on 1 January 2019. This is an important milestone, which means that all services in the area of manufacturing technology will be offered to our customers from one single source. In order to facilitate this, two departments of the business unit Industrial Services, both dealing with functional safety, will also work under one umbrella in future.

In practice this involves two areas: Safety Related Services of TÜV NORD CERT located in Essen, led by Frank Hegerfeld, and the Functional Safety section of TÜV NORD Systems in Augsburg led by Gerhard Rieger. The new joint Functional Safety department arising from this will also be managed by Gerhard Rieger and will start operations on 1 January 2018. Integration into OBS Manufacturing Technology is planned for the official OBS launch on 1 January 2019.

"This is the right step from the strategic point of view. Overall, the future team will include more resources, so that planning and staff deployment can be implemented in a better way from the strategic point of view. Together we can act as one single unit and increase synergies by merging test procedures and certification processes. In the area of customer relations, the team will also score by providing clearly defined contacts for our clients ", says Dr. Jörn Bruhn, nominated OBS Manufacturing Technology Manager.

To get started, the future team, consisting of 21 people, had a kick-off meeting in Augsburg together with Dr. Jörn Bruhn and the head of the Security4Safety Coordination Unit, Matthias Springer. In addition to discussions about existing customers and services, the main aim of the meeting was to get to know each other and take the first steps in working together. A trip to the nearby high rope adventure park helped the new team to bond even more closely.

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Digitization meets BOLD MOVE


The business unit Industrial Services is currently pursuing four major projects in order to make the business unit fit for a successful future. These are Sales, Innovation, Digitization and BOLD MOVE. All four aspects interact with each other. For this reason, the design of the interfaces is of great importance in order to maximize synergies and ensure effective implementation. The Security Managers form the link between digitization and BOLD MOVE.

The task of the Security Managers is to identify the specific needs for Security4Safety within their respective OBS in the further course of the BOLD MOVE project. Security4Safety is the approach used to implement technical and organizational IT security measures in order to ensure the safety of people in an increasingly interconnected world. The focus is on the following topics:

• What is the training requirement within the OBS to secure the existing
   business during digital transformation?

• What are the links between existing business models and Security4Safety

• What new Security4Safety services can be implemented in the respective

• What synergy effects between the OBS can be realized by cooperation
   between the security managers?

The Security Managers are:

• OBS Rail: Gernot Krage

• OBS Renewables: Oliver Raupach

• OBS Nuclear: Jürgen Richters

• OBS Food/ Agricultural: David Stepién

• OBS System Certification: Uwe Spindler

• Future CoC Conventional Plants: André Lafos

• Future OBS Buildings: Paul Roosen

• Future OBS Manufacturing Technology: Martin Zeh

• Future OBS Process Technology: Konstantinos Hatzikalimnios

• Topic Environment: Dr. Stefan Goers  

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BOLD MOVE: OBS Nuclear shows presence in South Korea


The BOLD MOVE project means that the business unit Industrial Services will demonstrate even greater customer focus and so strengthen the market position of TÜV NORD. The cross-border cooperation of the individual business segments means that we can achieve international success faster and more easily. The cooperation between TÜV NORD EnSys and TÜV NORD Korea in OBS Nuclear shows how this idea is brought to life.

Dr. Astrid Petersen, General Manager of TÜV NORD EnSys and head of OBS Nuclear, visited Busan to attend the SMiRT conference (Structural Mechanics in Reactor Technology). Together with Joo-Hong Song, General Manager of TÜV NORD Korea, she welcomed 80 guests from over 20 nations for a meeting organized by TÜV NORD Korea. Dr. Thomas Riekert, head of Nuclear Safety, also participated in a conference on earthquake safety in Gyeongju and a seminar on the regulatory system for nuclear energy. He spoke to the Parliament in Seoul and met the Trade Minister for Industry and Energy, Paik Ungyu, with whom he discussed the issue of the earthquake safety of nuclear power plants.

These events provided ideal opportunities in order to present and strengthen the TÜV NORD brand in the context of nuclear technology within the South Korean market.

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General Managers Meeting


was a focus topic of this year's two-day General Managers’ Meeting in Berlin. In this meeting, General Managers and Managing Directors of the national and international companies of the business unit Industrial Services as well as all Corporate Center managers were informed in detail about the status and the next steps of the BOLD MOVE project.

Workshops also offered the opportunity to consider case studies in connection with specific themes, including processes, interfaces and roles in the new structure. As a result, the international executives benefitted from highly-motivated and constructive discussions within the working groups as well as in the plenary session.

Overall, the majority of executives agree: the BOLD MOVE project is very important for the future of the business unit – this was also clearly demonstrated by a survey amongst the participants. In addition, the executives confirmed that they already see an increase in cooperation between companies, along with greater knowledge transfer and an improvement in teamwork. These positive developments are already embodied in many success stories in the existing OBS Rail, Renewables, Nuclear, Food/ Agriculture and System Certification, as described in the presentations of the respective OBS Managers.

The success stories and improvements serve as examples of the commitment and dedication of our employees. Thank you all for your trust, your patience and your efforts, which have made it possible to make this project a success.

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