Petra Grimm: Specialist in ethics

The “Profile” series presents exciting and inspiring people from the digital scene. In the spotlight this time: Petra Grimm, Director of the Institute for Digital Ethics in Stuttgart.

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A Quick question

What is the digital twin?

What is the meaning of “digital twin” and how can it help to prolong the lifetime of plant and machinery n the real world?

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IT security

Smart Home: Certified products are in demand

Smart Home is the future. But how secure is a self-organising house? Experts from TÜV NORD are testing Smart Home products and aiming to ensure their security and generate higher levels of confidence.

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Improving security in smart homes

Alexa, what's your take on security? Smart devices or assistants for home use are increasingly becoming bestsellers. But that’s playing into the hands of hackers. The security experts from TÜV NORD offer their tips for living safely with smart devices.

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Programming on the timetable

Hacker School Hamburg

IT should be an obligatory subject for every child – that’s what the “can do” experts at the Hacker School believe.

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