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Harvesting Salad in the City | #explore

the long term. The vision is for a thousand urban farms to be set up in Europe, with three to four in each city, the intention being to make the idea both ... with conventional agriculture, says project manager Mempel. At least not in Europe. In our latitudes, the constantly high level of quality it produces is a ... cultivation out: in deserts or the eternal ice of Antarctica, for example. In Europe, however, a change in regulations could also help sell plants grown indoors

Eco-friendly heavyweights | #explore

kilometres on a single charge. The first takers were in the US, followed by Europe. At the end of 2021, Nikola delivered the first e-trucks to customers in ... Long Beach. The port of Hamburg is lined up to be the pilot customer in Europe. Trials of 25 of these battery-powered lorries are scheduled for this year ... Gründler is convinced that, in terms of the overall costs, an electric HGV in Europe might be able to overtake its diesel counterpart by as early as the middle

European General Data Protection Regulation | #explore

privacy regulation, the EU now aims to standardise data protection laws across Europe and to reinforce the rights of citizens to their private data. Which companies ... that the GDPR will apply to all businesses that collect personal data in Europe - even if they have their headquarters in, say, San Francisco or Singapore

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