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More chips to come from domestic production | #explore

chips have mainly come from Asia. The EU now wants to boost production in Europe. Big event in Dresden. At the virtual ground-breaking ceremony for Infineon's ... additional jobs and make Dresden one of the leading semiconductor locations in Europe. The semiconductor manufacturer is investing five billion euros in the new ... the expansion of domestic semiconductor production. “Dresden is one of Europe’s digital beacons,” said EU Commission President von der Leyen. The aim is

Pakistan's new solar park | #explore

of the “New Silk Route” project. A link between China and Europe It also links China and Europe via a land and sea route. However, this does not end at the ... high-tech from China that is being carried through the Middle East towards Europe. YOU MAY ALSO LIKE Michael Utech/AdobeStock A challenge for generations ... THE NEW SILK ROUTE The 10,000 kilometre long trade link between China and Europe, which – via a land and sea route – was a means of trading gold and precious

Battery cells in Germany | #explore

future take place in Europe. “In the future, the most innovative and environmentally friendly battery cells will come from Europe, and tens of thousands ... discussion in recent years of whether or not battery cell production in Europe would make sense. One traditional argument is that local wage and energy ... in the battery industry, and the market for electric car batteries from Europe could grow to up to 250 billion euros by 2035. With their battery-oriented

Winter 2017: calendar of events

exhibition area covering more than 122,000 square metres, SPS IPC Drives is Europe’s leading trade show in the industry. Essen: Essen Motor Show 1.12 – 12.2017 ... passion for all things automotive into a tangible experience. The show is Europe's biggest stage for sports cars and takes place this year for the 50th time ... exhibition centre, because it gathers together many of the best vehicles from Europe, from daily drivers to high-end show cars,” the organisers have announced

Greenhouse gas Methane | #explore

States is generating an annual increase of 4.5 million tonnes of methane. Europe is the only region in the world whose methane emissions fell slightly during ... have reduced emissions from landfills, manure and other sources here in Europe,” co-author Marielle Saunois of the French Université de Versailles Sai ... Deal. Methane accounts for ten percent of all greenhouse gas emissions in Europe, more than half of which is attributable to agriculture. It is true that

Five natural resources of digital world | #explore

in the Erzgebirge in Germany – but often only in low concentrations. In Europe, Portugal has the biggest reserves, meaning that enough of the metal is ... present for it to be economically viable to extract it today. In Central Europe, Austria also wants to start lithium mining. The world's total reserves ... and due to the fact that they are produced in just a few countries outside Europe, the EU added rare earths to its list of critical natural resources in 2011

Polyglot in the driver’s cab | #explore

traffic, communication is in the respective national language. Voltages in Europe Flexibility and “translation competence” are also required for rail vehicles ... as a four-system vehicle, it can cope with every traction power system in Europe – with the exception of southern England, where it is not on the timetable ... control system in the host country. And there are no fewer than 20 of these in Europe: a patchwork of different systems that are not compatible with each other

How clean are renewable energies? | #explore

their production. According to UBA, eight months can be enough in southern Europe. In return, a solar generating system will produce electricity for decades ... predominantly from coal. According to Fraunhofer ISE, solar cells produced in Europe generate 40 percent fewer emissions. And this carbon footprint could be ... (ICCT) has reported, the CO 2 emissions from an electric compact car in Europe are already 66 to 70 percent lower than those of a comparable petrol- or

Keeping valuable recyclables out of special waste | #explore

and sustainable batteries in Germany and Europe and thereby to safeguard value creation and jobs in Europe. It’s for this reason that, with our approach ... of lithium-ion batteries,” Friedrich explains. Battery cell production in Europe In the long term, the idea is for efficient recycling processes to supply ... succeed, however, battery cells will also increasingly have to be produced in Europe, Friedrich states. This is because the batteries would primarily be recycled

Profile: Chloé Pahud

We’ve been in business since 2015, so there are lots of initiatives across Europe which have been implemented as a result of Civocracy. Recently, we worked ... implementation. We’re also working with the European think tank Friends of Europe on the issue of international security challenges and have helped them produce ... of collaboration. In 5 years, Civocracy will be… Ubiquitously used across Europe, and participation will be a matter of course for many citizens and cities

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