Wind energy

New ideas for a traditional technique

Using wind to generate energy has been a technique used since ancient times. It ranged from simple wind wheels, wind mills throughout to sailing ships. The technology currently used focuses primarily on wind power systems with three-blade rotors in onshore and offshore facilities. With comprehensive services from a single source, TÜV NORD is dedicated nationally and internationally to this future-oriented and environmentally-friendly form of energy generation.

Numerous tasks – one contact partner

The TÜV NORD services also include the certification and inspection of wind power systems in the areas of planning, manufacture and operation. These include:

  • Certification of systems and system components
  • Production inspections
  • Site appraisals, project inspections, due diligence examinations, ground expert reports
  • Performance curve measurements and acoustic inspections
  • Quality management
  • Risk and damage assessments
  • Acceptance testing and regular inspections

Our attainment at the wind energy sector

Connected with the base

Any technology is only as good as its scientific basis. This applies both to the research for new discoveries and to realistic testing of the products that result.
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With sense and sensibility

A sound examination of wind energy systems during manufacture, assembly and operation makes a decisive contribution towards the functional safety when operating systems. Here, the systematic and prudent interweaving of all technical and commercial measures plays a decisive role.
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Wait and see

Just as demanding as the requirements for the production of wind turbines are the analyses and tests carried out on their planned future location and their economic efficiency.
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Certificate for a solid position

Modern wind power systems are technically complex major projects which are in part subjected to tremendous structural loads. There are numerous legal and technical planning and manufacturing guidelines and processes.
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