Natascha Zeljko: Die digitale Diversitätsbotschafterin

Natascha Zeljko: The digital diversity ambassador

6 June 2019

Whether you look at the US or Germany, the proportion of women in the digital sector has been stuck at around 30% for many years. And girls and young women setting out on their careers are still lacking female role models. This is because successful women in the industry are often less visible than their male counterparts. It was to change this that journalist Natascha Zeljko and digital expert Tijen Onaran founded the online magazine “FemaleOneZero”.

Natascha Zeljko


Co-founder and editor-in-chief of FemaleOneZero


What is FemaleOneZero?
FemaleOneZero is an English-language editorial website for the international market. The website brings together the mega-issues from the new world of work: Female empowerment, digitalisation and diversity.

How did the idea come about?
It’s basically the logical extension of the career network for women in the digital economy, “Global Digital Women”, to include a content platform which gives ongoing expression to these issues and the expertise that women can offer. F10 can build on the existing very agile and loyal community. Global Digital Women uses digital channels, afterworks and events to reach some 20,000 women across Europe.

The guiding principle of FemaleOneZero is “No Digitalisation without Diversity”. How and why are diversity and digital transformation so closely linked?
You’re right in that we believe these issues are interdependent. We know – and this has been proven by numerous studies – that diverse teams are more successful and innovative. And diversity is explicitly understood in a very nuanced way here – above and beyond the gender issue. In other words: diversity is the driver of innovation. And without innovations, there can be no successful digitalisation.

"Diversity is explicitly understood in a very nuanced way here – above and beyond the gender issue."

Natascha Zeljko, Co-founder and editor-in-chief of FemaleOneZero

And the biggest challenge is...
... to switch off my laptop in the evening. There are so many fantastic women out there (yes, sometimes men as well!), and so many great stories!

In five years, FemaleOneZero will be...
... the portal of choice for women all over the world who are shaping epochal change.

Which five apps are essential for you to get through the day?
Twitter, weather, Podbean (for all the podcasts), Whatsapp, Google Maps (my sense of direction is really poor, it is for people like me that the satnav was invented).

Which digital product has yet to be invented?
An audio transcription app that actually works properly! To give you a few examples: "Economic" becomes “eco gnomic,” and “stakeholder management” becomes "steak Holder Management." At least you can have the odd good laugh, if nothing else.

And which products can you do without?
The ones I don't have on my home screen.

Would you like a household robot?
Yes! Yes! Yes!

Which technical application will always remain a mystery for you?
Ticket machines in other cities.

When were you last offline for 24 hours?
Next question, please.

A holiday without Wi-Fi: Is that a dream or a nightmare?
Neither. But I can’t do without it in my job.

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