Dates for the winter of 2022

Calendar of events: Experiencing technology

09. December 2021

Check out motorhomes, marvel at automotive treasures, improve your IT security and find out about smart factories: Our calendar of events reveals which analogue or digital events tech fans shouldn't miss this winter.


Online: CCNC

08 - 11 January 2022, online

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Securely connected: The last CES having taken place digitally due to coronavirus, the hottest trends in consumer electronics and the automotive sector will now be presented in good old analogue style in Las Vegas in 2022. Meanwhile, the accompanying CCNC – short for Consumer Communications & Networking Conference – will bring together online researchers, developers and practitioners from all over the world and all fields of consumer communication and network technology. With lectures, panel discussions, tutorials, workshops and demonstrations, everything will revolve around the Internet of Things, the transition from 5G to 6G, cybersecurity and the protection of privacy in networked factories and smart cities – and the role that blockchain can play in this.


Stuttgart: CMT

15 - 23 January 2022, Stuttgart Exhibition Centre

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Testing motorhomes: during the coronavirus crisis, many people in Germany have discovered their inner camper. If you’re now flirting with the idea of buying a motorhome yourself or have already decided to invest in one, then the CMT in Stuttgart is the place to be. Around 850 caravans, motorhomes and recreational vehicles plus various caravanning accessories can be inspected at the world’s largest public trade fair for tourism and leisure. If you prefer to spend your holidays on two wheels or on foot, you’ll be able to find out about trips, hiking boots, backpacks, bicycle hotels and new bikes from around 200 exhibitors at the special exhibition entitled “Fahrrad- & WanderReisen” which is scheduled for the first weekend of the fair – and do a few test laps on the large test circuit.

Berlin: IT-Defense

2 - 4 February 2022, Hotel Titanic Chaussee Berlin and online

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Giving cybercriminals the runaround: For the 19th time, well-known IT security professionals will be gathering at IT-Defense to discuss current hot topics from the cybersecurity world. The well-known speakers will include hacker Linus Neumann from the Chaos Computer Club and IT security expert and blogger Felix von Leitner, aka Fefe. Lawyer Joerg Heidrich will explain how to take the correct legal approach to dealing with IT disasters. Gunter Dueck, former mathematics professor and chief technologist at IBM, now an Internet philosopher and Internet activist, will be focusing on the attention economy. On the third day of the conference, participants will be able to immerse themselves more deeply in the topics and questions in discussion forums with the experts. Please note: to make it possible to implement hygiene and distance rules, the number of participants is limited to 150. If you want to keep your distance completely, you can connect via the video stream.


Stuttgart: Retro Classics

17 - 20 March 2022, Stuttgart exhibition centre

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Nostalgia on wheels: Launched in 2001 as a small gathering of enthusiasts, Retro Classics in Stuttgart has long since become the unmissable annual event for classic car lovers. After an enforced break due to the pandemic, over 1600 manufacturers, vintage car clubs and private collectors will once again be offering visitors the opportunity over 140,000 square metres to relive the legendary eras of automotive history and feast their eyes on models from days gone by. This year's highlights will include motorbikes from Moto Guzzi, which has this year officially become the oldest motorcycle maker in Europe. Lovingly restored firefighting classics will take the onlooker back to the early days of motorisation, when the speed with which firemen could respond first became proverbial. Friends of roundabouts and roasted almonds will get their money’s worth with the “Fairground Attractions”: The displays will feature historical fairground vehicles, tractors and fairground stalls. The highlight of the show will be a “Showman's Engine”: this road-going steam locomotive served English showmen not only as a tractor, but also as a power generator to light up the stalls at fairgrounds.


Stuttgart and online: Industrieforum Digitaler Mittelstand (Industry Forum for Digital SMEs)

22 and 23 March 2022, ICS Stuttgart and online

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Digitalising factories: this year's Industrial Forum for Digital SMEs is all about the digital factory. Over two days, around 400 participants will be exchanging ideas with around 70 exhibitors on the digitalisation of production. The topics of the 60 sessions: How can the transformation to a smart factory succeed? Where is it already a reality, and what can be learned from it? How can today’s factories be digitally upgraded? And what role will artificial intelligence and the digital twin play in the factory of the future?