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Events in August and September 2017

September 2017: Calendar of events

updated on 4th August 2017

Virtual Reality and 3D – on 1 September 2017 the 57th IFA show for consumer electronics will open its doors at the Berliner Messegelände exhibition centre, with more than 1,800 exhibitors. The #explore events calendar brings you this and other important exhibitions for your diary.

Frankfurt am Main: Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung

14. – 24.09.2017, Frankfurt Exhibition Centre
Find out more about the IAA here

Test drive the latest cars over a demanding off-road track, find out about future mobility concepts and learn more about electronic mobility and autonomous driving - all this and more awaits you at the 67th International Motor Show, starting in Frankfurt on 14 September. The first two days are reserved for industry and expert visitors who come to the show to find out about the latest innovations, and then from 16 September the doors open to the general public. The special “New Mobility World” show will provide detailed information about the future of mobility, with conferences and live demonstrations – and pioneering thinkers from the automotive manufacturers and suppliers and from a large number of technology companies and start-ups will be at the exhibition to present practical solutions and speak on the subjects of the connected car, automated driving, e-mobility, urban mobility and mobility services. Not forgetting the “The Wild 70s” exhibition, which will invite this year’s visitors to a trip through history, with the opportunity to see many classic cars.

Mannheim: Bionik

Permanent exhibition, Technoseum Mannheim
Find out more about the biomimetics “Bionik” exhibition here

When researchers want to bring about advances in technology, they frequently copy from nature. Because plants and animals often already offer what human civilisation desires – and in a perfect form. For example, when designing parking assist technology for cars, scientists often base their solutions on the sonar system used by bats to avoid collisions. The permanent “Bionik” biomimetics exhibition in the “Technoseum” technical museum in Mannheim is concerned with precisely the subject of how technology can learn from nature. Visitors can discover the historical background to this scientific approach along with exciting themes from current research, and can even get to know the sixty-centimetre high Nao humanoid robot and his many skills.

Sinsheim: Car & Technology Museum

Permanent exhibition at the Car & Technology Museum
For more information about the Car & Technology Museum, please click here

Automated and networked driving is set to define the mobility of tomorrow. The Car & Technology Museum in Sinsheim is offering a look back through history. Visitors can discover vintage cars and motor cycles of all ages in the exhibition halls. The exhibits also include gigantic steam locomotives, which had a critical impact on the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century and are moreover closely associated with the history of TÜV NORD. The highlights of the Sinsheim Car & Technology Museum are the two walk-in supersonic jets, Concorde and Tupolev TU-144, which are exhibited on the roof.


Berlin: From stone tools to Smartphones

Permanent exhibition at the Museum of Communication, Berlin
For more information about the “From stone tools to Smartphones” exhibition, please click here

How are messages actually protected in the age of the smartphone, wireless and Bluetooth? Are our data secure? What are the implications of the ever-increasing pace of human, goods and data traffic? You will find answers to these questions in the permanent exhibition entitled “From stone tools to Smartphones” at the Berlin Museum of Communication. The exhibition charts the most important milestones in human communication history and, as the Museum announces on its website, takes its visitors on an “exciting journey through more than 2000 years of history”.