Dates for the summer of 2019

Calendar of events: Experiencing technology

20 June 2019

This July, digitalisation is going to be taking over Nuremberg and its environs; August will see the transformation of Cologne into a Mecca for gamers; and, in September, petrolheads will be getting their money’s worth in Frankfurt am Main. We present these and other exciting dates for technology lovers from July to September 2019 in our #explore events calendar.

Stuttgart: XR Expo

3 - 4 July 2019, Wagenhallen Stuttgart
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VR in the office: Virtual reality glasses are paving the way to a whole new experience of being right where the action is - and not just in computer games or movies. Virtual or expanded realities (along with augmented reality, or AR for short) are also opening up hitherto unimagined possibilities in the industrial sector and everyday work. If you want to find out how digital technologies are going to enhance work processes or training methodologies or make them more efficient, for instance in the medical or automotive sectors, then XR Expo in Stuttgart is the right place to take a closer look. Companies and start-ups will be showcasing their innovative approaches in the historic locomotive repair shop. Experts from Audi, Daimler, Microsoft, Telekom and Deutsche Bahn will be explaining to trade visitors how, among other things, expanded realities can help with complex construction projects such as Stuttgart 21.

Nuremberg: Nürnberg Digital Festival

12 - 22 July 2019, Nürnberg Kulturzentrum Z-Bau, Erlangen ex-Teppich and other venues
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Naturally digital: There's no doubt that digitalisation is changing the way we work, learn, go on dates, communicate and get from A to B. It’s with this in mind that the Nürnberg Digital Festival is going to be all about the opportunities and impacts of digital technologies. For the seventh time, this event run by the digital community in and around Nuremberg will be bringing together people from business, technology, education and culture. Numerous events, lectures, conferences and actions will cover topics such as AI, medicine and mobility and offer an opportunity to get to know and network with like-minded individuals. And if you fancy getting active yourself, you can join in various workshops to produce immersive podcasts, build particulate equipment or try out barrier-free games.

Hanover: Maker Faire Hannover

17 - 18 August 2019, Hannover Congress Centrum, Stadtpark
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Ideas to get your hands on: A fire-breathing rust dragon, a flyer folding machine, a home-built amphibious vehicle or siblings for R2-D2 from Star Wars – just some of the astounding projects that greeted open-mouthed visitors to the Maker Faire in Hanover in 2018. This year, too, some 1,000 start-ups and private inventors will be showing the amazing things that they’ve dreamt up or are currently working on. For nearly all the projects, the bottom line is this: touching is absolutely permitted. Tomorrow's makers can try out some of the inventions and join workshops to learn how to solder, forge or sew.

Cologne: Gamescom

21 - 24 August 2019, Messe Köln
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Summer games: Every year in August, all roads for gaming fans lead to Gamescom in Cologne. Last year, the industry’s biggest public fair once again broke its own record by notching up 370,000 visitors. An advance taste of this year's highlights will be provided for the first time by the new show "Opening Night Live”, which can be watched on August 19 either live in the venue or on the Internet. From 21 August, the fair will open its analogue doors to the public. And while the PCs and consoles fire on all cylinders once again in the exhibition halls, around 850 representatives from politics, culture, science and the sector will be discussing the potential of computer games for education and industry at the associated Gamescom Congress. Gamescom will then end in a traditional manner with a three-day festival in Cologne city centre, where you’ll be able to have your cobwebs blown away for free with live music and gaming offers.

Berlin: International Electronics Fair (IFA)

6 - 11 September 2019, Messe Berlin
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It doesn't get bigger than this: Nowhere else in the world do lovers of technology for the home or pocket have the opportunity to marvel at more new and innovative products than at the IFA in Berlin. This year, the biggest public fair for home electronics is all about connected devices, artificial intelligence, foldable screens, 360-degree sound, voice control and smartphones for the lightning-fast 5G network. Young viewers, and those who are young at heart, will be able to test their reflexes in laser games, play computer games or rub shoulders with well-known YouTubers and influencers as they cook, among other things, in the “Young IFA” community. The associated IFA + Summit from 8 to 9 September will present a forum to discuss the risks and opportunities of data usage under the slogan “The Rise of Dataism”. Notable speakers will include cybersecurity expert Parham Eftekhari and blockchain pioneer Shermin Voshmgir.

Frankfurt am Main: International Automobile Exhibition (IAA)

12 - 22 September 2019, Messe Frankfurt
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A must for car lovers: It’s not by chance that the International Automobile Exhibition bears the name it does. Alongside the auto shows in Paris, Tokyo, Geneva and Detroit, the IAA is one of the largest and most important automotive fairs in the world, where trade visitors and private car fans alike get their money's worth. The latest technologies and the next generation of automobiles can be experienced in the 200,000-square-metre IAA exhibition. In the IAA Arena and on the off-road course, you will have the opportunity to get behind the wheel yourself or cruise along the motorway or through Frankfurt city centre on an exclusive test track. Nor will the future of mobility be neglected amidst all the present-day driving fun: At the IAA Conference with “Beyond mobility” as its principal theme, more than 200 speakers will, as the show’s website has it, gather to discuss “how automation and connectivity, sustainable power and propulsion, smart city solutions and Mobility as a Service will drive our way to a more sustainable, inclusive and convenient mobility”.