Energy Efficiency Measures in Germany (EDL-G)

Germany has reacted to this requirement with changes to the Federal Act on Energy Services and other Energy Efficiency Measures (EDL-G), already effective since 2010. The new version was finally approved by the German Bundesrat on 06 March 2015 and has come into effect in April 2015.

Further information

Requirements and Alternatives

The affected organisations are obliged to undergo an energy audit according to Standard EN 16247-1 by 5 December 2015 at the latest, and then at least every four years thereafter.
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Rules of an energy audit

The basis for the energy audit demanded in the EU Energy Efficiency Directive is Standard EN 16247-1, which defines the procedure...
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Multi-Site procedure

Businesses with several sites – including abroad – can save time and costs by means of a sampling procedure (multi-site procedure).
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