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Functional Safety Services for Forestry – ISO 25119 / DIN EN 16590

Manufacturers of safety relevant safety driven systems in agriculture and forestry are obliged to develop their Systems according to state-of-the-art in all aspects of safety.

The ISO 25119 / DIN EN 16590 defines requirements for functional safety of electrical and electronic systems. Through usage of the applicable standards corresponding proofs of safety for documentation of the requirement specifications are created.

Our Services

  • Coaching and Realisation
    • Planning, development and improvement of the Organisation of functional safety and strategy within a Company during all phases and work products within the entire safety life cycle (system, hardware and Software level)
    • Risk Analysis
    • Safety Analysis: FMEA, failure rates (MTTFd), diagnostic coverage (DC)
    • Optimisation of the functional safety managements as well as the related engineering activities in regards to costs, efficiency, time and associated safety requirement level (AgPL)
  • Customer specific workshops
    • Inhouse Training of individuals or Groups for the entire standard
    • Topic and/or Project specific expert workshops
  • Assessment and Certification
    • Objective and Independent assessment of organisations, processes and products pertaining to functional safety according to ISO 25119 / DIN EN 16590 (Gap-Analysis „QuickCheck“, Functional Safety Assessment, Confirmation Reviews, Audits)

By bringing our knowledge into your projects, you can profit from the experience of our staff:

The functional safety experts of the Institute of Vehicle Technology and Mobility (IFM) are actively working on and creating Standards in the standard committees:

  • VDMA WG Safety (ISO 25119)
  • VDA NA-A (ISO 26262)
  • DKE/GK 914 (IEC61508 Rev2)
  • TTA Steer-by-Wire WG

Requently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does functional safety mean?

The malfunctioning of a technical system may not lead to an endagerment of people.

Manufacturers of technical products in agriculture are obliged to develop their systems according to state-of-the-art technology.

The ISO 25119 defines requirements for the functional safety of electric and electronic systems. Through usage of the listed standards proofs of safety for documentation of the fulfillment of the requirements are managable.

Which safety standards do exist?

With the publication of the ISO 25119 „Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry – Safety-related parts of control systems“ for the first time specific requirements pertaining to agriculture, its development processes and the product itself are demanded.

They replace the IEC 61508 being the generic Standard for functional safety. The Goal is to create safer and more reliable vehicles.

Who has to pay attention to the standards?

Manufactirers of technical products are requested by the legislator through the Product Liability Act to develop their technical Systems according to the state-of-the-art in science and technology focusing on all aspects of safety.

The buden of proof in case of an accident rests with the manufacturer. If a vehicle is developed and manufacted on all Levels according to safety Standards the OEM possesses a solid base for a line of argument.

In which areas are the standards being used?

Manufacturers must not only have a look at certain development phases, but also Need to inspect the whole system within the entire life cycle. This reaches from the first developmental steps to decommissioning.

The entire system must reach the requested Agricultural Performance Level (AgPL) of the safety goal. All components (also including software), which contribute to reaching this safety goal are hereby observed.