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Safe Process and Facility Technology

Mechanical components are more and more being replaced in process and facility technology by electronical components or steered by these. This is why the amount of electronical components and systems as well as their complexity and safety requirements are rising.

Planers and operators of facilities know that the functional safety of safety relevant processes is essential. The law about technical work equipment and consumer products (devices and product safety law – GPSG) determines that proof of burden in case of an accident lies with the manufacturer. With help of an early inspection – even at the stage of development – according to international Standards manufacturers are able to prevent possible problems.

Life Cyle Model prevents Delays with the Planing of Facilities

The systematic approach of the IEC 61508 enlarges the technical requirements demanded from complex devices to the complete safety Installation from sensor to actor including the management framework and reduces uncertainties with complex systems in safety applications. The IEC 61508 life cycle model and the consequently requirement oriented project approach counteract delays when planing the facilities.

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