Functional Safety Management

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Implementation of Functional Safety


According to IEC 61508, respectively IEC 61511, a demand and process-oriented quality management is essential for the product lifecycle of safety-focused systems and components. It ensures the product lifecycle and optimizes it economically. The ideal integration of the IEC 61508, respectively IEC 61511, into an existing management system is hereby an important step.

Whenever safety management systems are implemented, all management activities must be applied in new projects and in the entire operation of a technical system, in accordance with IE 61508 and IEC 61511 regulations respectively. When the definition of new projects is pending, only a simple, a short project and quality management plan are necessary.


This is Our Approach

  • SWOT analysis of the operational and organisational structure in regards to the IEC 61508 respectively IEC 61511 
  • Prioritised requirements for the management system
  • Prioritised corrective and improvement measures for the management system
  • Adjustment of the quality management according to the selected measures for safety relevant systems
  • Implementation of the changed management system on the basis of the core processes (based on choosen products)
  • Preparation for the safety management audit according to IEC 61508 respectively IEC 61511 (internal audits, pre-raudits based on the presumptions of the certification prodcedure)
  • Functional Safety Management Audit
  • after successful examination: proof with a certificate „Management of Functional Safety“ according to IEC 61508 respectively IEC 61511 possible

Advantages of the Services

The services offer support with the fulfilment of the obligation to exercise due care as well as the safeguarding of the competent application of the Standard lead to an increase of the safety level and help to minimize potential risks. The standard IEC/DIN EN 61508 and the aforementioned additional standards can be integrated perfect into existing quality management systems; the implementation of the specifications offers a reliable decision basis in regards to safety structures, design procedures and tools. Development results can be verified early, development times and costs can be reduced. Additionally a certification through TÜV NORD fosters public representation and serves as a valuable and unique selling proposition in comparison to the competition.

More information

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