Anja Horn: “Programming is the key skill of the future”

10 April 2017

The “Profile” series presents exciting and inspiring people from the digital scene - researchers, bloggers, startup founders, entrepreneurs, hackers, visionaries. First up is Anja Horn, founder of “Coding Kids”. She campaigns for digital literacy at school and at home.



Anja Horn




Technical illustrator specialising in electrical engineering, holder of a degree in the applied arts, boss of media agency Einhorn Solutions GmbH as well as founder of “Coding Kids”.

What is Coding Kids?

Coding Kids is the leading medium for digital literacy. A journalistic product on multiple channels which campaigns for a sustainable society. Creative, clever, digital.

The biggest challenge...

... is my daughter who, as a digital native, is surrounded by code but hasn’t yet learnt to crack it. So Coding Kids is a personal mission of mine, coupled with a passion that I want to share with parents, teachers, children and everyone who loves technology. Everything at eye level and with loads of fun and enjoyment as drivers of curiosity.

“Coding Kids is the leading medium for digital literacy.”

Anja Horn

The world needs Coding Kids because…

… it’s essential in times of digital change to be able to exploit the new technologies and to develop a creative and aware relationship with them. The earlier the better.Coding Kids isn’t just mapping this development but is sorting it into categories, revealing backgrounds, offering practical guidance and, in the process, creating the space for kids to help design the digital future.

Programming is…

... the key skill of the future. A language that makes it possible for you to determine your own course, both professionally and in life.

Are you a digital native?

Put it this way, I’m a digital junkie who was born too early.

Which technical application will also remain something of a conundrum for you?

Snapchat and

Which five apps can’t you live without?

Weather, WhatsApp, Banking, GoogleMaps and DB Navigator.

Which digital product has yet to be invented?

Oh, there are a few of those. A desk tidy would be very important for me.

And which ones can you do without?

Sheepcounter, Kawaii Assistant.

When were you last offline for 24 hours?

1990, the year the public Internet was born ;-))

The “Profile” series is a new format of #explore: Here we want to regularly give a voice to exciting and inspiring people from the digital scene - to researchers, bloggers, start-up founders, entrepreneurs, hackers, and visionaries.


Snapchat und will always remain something of a conundrum for Anja Horn, founder of “Coding Kids”.