Ein Mann und ein Roboter arbeiten auf der CEBIT Hand in Hand
Dates in Spring 2018

Events Calendar: Experiencing technology

updated on 28 März 2018

Robot footballers, networked factories, games of today and the food of tomorrow: these and other exciting events are on the agenda for technology enthusiasts from April to July. The #explore events calendar introduces a few of them.

Berlin: International Gamesweek Berlin

23 until 29 April 2018, Computerspielemuseum, Station Berlin, Urban Spree and other venues
Read more about “Gamesweek” here.

Games without end: Starting on 23 April, Berlin will again become a playground for gamers of all ages. Game developers, producers and sector insiders will discuss the present and future of computer games at “Quo Vadis”, and female talents will network at the “Womenize!” event. The games festival at the computer games museum will offer a varied programme covering many different aspects of computer games culture. Members of the Indie scene will find their way to “A Maze” like every year, and take a look at exciting games designs or immerse themselves in virtual reality landscapes and interactive art installations. And visitors to the Making Games Festival can meet a large variety of game makers, try out brand new games or find out about how to start working in the games sector.

Hannover: Hannover Messe

23 until 27 April 2018, Hannover Messe
Read more about the Hannover Messe here.

Industry 4.0. at all levels: At the end of April visitors can see what smart machines are already capable of today. This year, "Integrated Industry – Connect & Collaborate" is the main theme of the most important industry trade fair in the world. More than 5,000 exhibitors will be there – including TÜV NORD – and will present their solutions for the smart factory, networked energy systems and intelligent logistics. During live presentations, visitors will experience how robots and autonomous systems work, and lecture series will explain the current status of intelligent, networked and autonomous systems from both the scientific and practical perspective.

Magdeburg: RoboCup German Open 2018

27 until 29 April 2018, Messe Magdeburg
Read more about the „RoboCup German Open 2018“ here.

When these robots fight, it is not about world domination: 40 teams from 16 countries will have their robots challenge each other in different disciplines in the “RoboCup German Open 2018”. For example, football robots will try to steal the ball, and rescue robots must try to navigate an obstacle course. At the same time, the robotics experts of tomorrow will battle for the German Championship RoboCup Junior. More than 520 teams from 120 different schools and clubs have already shown their mettle in qualifying heats, and alongside the German championship title, the winners will be able to take part in the world championships in Montreal. in addition to the joy of competition, both young and adult researchers are always trying to improve the motor and sensory abilities of their robots, so that our electronic helpers can support us in our everyday lives and find survivors in disaster areas.

Berlin: re:publica

2 May until 5 May 2018, STATION Berlin
Read more about the “re:publica” conference here.

From blogosphere class reunion to a full assembly of the digital scene: launched in 2007 with 700 participants, “re:publica” now brings together 900 activists, business people, hackers, artists and company representatives in Berlin each year. Under the banner “POP”, this year’s digital conference is about popular media phenomena of all shapes and sizes: 500 international speakers from 40 countries will talk about internet stars, fake news, alternative facts and their consequences for our society. “The much talked-about filter bubbles of digitised society allow popular parallel cultures to flourish in secret. With POP, we want to burst these bubbles and bring things out into the open. And last but not least we see POP as an abbreviation for Power Of People and we ask ourselves: Where does the power of the masses lie?” - such is the message on the conference website.

Berlin: Food Revolution 5.0

18 May until 16 September 2018, Kunstgewerbemuseum
Read more about the “Food Revolution 5.0” exhibition here.

What will we eat tomorrow? In view of the ever-growing world population and diminishing global resources, this is no longer a mere question for individuals. And our globalised food production also plays a decisive part in climate change. From 18 May, according to the website, the Kunstgewerbemuseum in Berlin will therefore transform into an artistic, scientific and speculative laboratory for new abstract and practical models for the future of eating and living; more than 30 international designers will be presenting their designs, ideas and visions for the food of tomorrow. The projects extend from a suburban mixed orchard and indoor farming through a mini composter for a city flat down to an insect farm for crispy protein production. An edible garden invites vegetarian food lovers to rest, wander, and harves.

Hannover: CEBIT

11 until 15 June 2018, Hannover Messe
Read more about "CeBIT" here.

This is how technology should be: The largest IT trade fair in the world will be opening its doors for the 32nd time ... in a new, revamped format. The event will start with “Take-off Monday”, attended by the fascinating VR pioneer Jaron Lanier. On 12 July, the halls will be officially opened, in order again to welcome around 200,000 visitors. In Sektion D!tec it is all about Blockchain, Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence and other radical ideas, which are expected to revolutionise society and the economy. At d!talk forward thinkers and visionaries from the worlds of business, politics and research will be coming to speak on more than ten stages, as announced on the event website. And relaxation will be on offer at the d!campus. Here, at the heart of the CEBIT site, visitors can dance to the sound of DJs or musicians such as Jan Delay, try some street food or discover virtual worlds.