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Planning important steps for a successful future, but not losing sight of current developments - that was the overriding goal of the second Cluster Manager Meeting at the end of May in Essen. At the meeting of the nine cluster managers, the focus was on productive exchange on status and strategy, but also on intensifying international cooperation. Our newsletter should also enable you to move closer together despite the distance. In addition to current highlights and developments, this time we introduce PC Italy, Cluster China and P&D Group 5 – training.

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Success Stories
Monthly Highlights

In recent weeks, important customers have placed large orders for our OBS, innovations have been introduced and events organised. Check out the monthly highlights here.

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Cluster Manager Meeting

For the second time since the start of BOLD MOVE, all the OBS System Certification Managers got together for the Cluster Manager Meeting in Essen.

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Innovation management

TÜV NORD CERT has been carrying out innovation projects since 2009 and has thus been able to develop many successful services. Find out here exactly how the innovation process works and how you can contribute your ideas.

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Project & Decision Group 5: Training

A new kind of international cooperation has been launched with the Project & Decision Groups (P&D). After introducing the first P&D groups in the last issues, we now present the work and status quo of P&D 5 – Training.

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Introduction of a Cluster

We all belong to one OBS, but who is working where? We are introducing a Cluster in each issue to give you an overview and to make sure we all get to know each other better. In this edition: Haining Song and "China".

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Introduction of a Profit Center

We are also introducing a Profit Center in each issue. This time: Stefano Porelli and his Department "Italia".

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We hope that you enjoyed this edition of our newsletter. It has been sent by default to all cluster heads and PC heads in our OBS. We are looking forward to tell you more about the development of our OBS in future. Do you have any interesting topics that you want to tell your colleagues more about? Then write to our editorial mailbox: redaktion-newsletter@tuev-nord.de. We are happy to receive your suggestions!

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OBS System Certification
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Issue 4 / June 2018


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