ASME Certification

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Advantages of an ASME Certification

  • International market of more than 113 countries
  • Authorization of manufacturing of Stamped Items
  • Publication in the ASME register of Authorized Manufacturer
  • Competence in using the ASME Code
  • Extensive responsibility as ASME Manufacturer
  • Certified ASME Quality Assurance System
How to become certified by ASME


The "Applicant" (Manufacturer) sends an e-mail/telefax/letter to the ASME Accreditation Department / National Board (NB) to request original "Application Forms" or applies online via "CA Connect" or download it from:

2.Signing of an Inspection Service Agreement between the AIA (TÜV NORD Systems) and the "Applicant"
3.Completion of the "Application Forms" indicating the type / scope of certification and stamps applied for and the "AIA" (Authorized Inspection Agency) selected and contracted (= TÜV NORD Systems)

The completed "Application forms" (copy to AIA) are returned to the ASME Accreditation Department / National Board by air courier / e-mail or online application via "CA Connect".

Mail: /

5.Procurement of ASME Code Books, as required per type of certification applied for, with ASME / NB directly
6.ASME notifies the AIA contracted to confirm to ASME that an Inspection Service Agreement has been signed with the "Applicant"
7.The AIA and the "Applicant" establish a Time Schedule for all action to be taken to prepare the Joint Review
8.Scheduling of the Joint Review date with ASME

Preparation of the Joint Review:

Preparation of the Quality Manual

Preparation of a representative component or component part as demonstration item

Preparation of the Welding Procedure Specification (WPS), Procedure Qualification Record (PQR), Welding personnel (WPQ / WOPQ)

Preparation of the drawing and the design calculation

Preparation of work procedures (e.g. for the hydrostatic test, heat treatment, handling of welding filler material, calibration, NDE)

Demonstration (qualification) of NDE procedures to the AI (Authorized Inspector)

Qualification of NDE personnel

Material purchasing

Preparation of Traveler (Fabrication/Testing/Inspection Sequence Plan)

Preparation of the Manufacturers Data Report (MDR)

10.Implementation of the above-mentioned quality program by the "Applicant"
11.Pre-Joint Review to verify the implementation of the quality program performed by the AI and the AIS approx. 4 weeks before the Joint Review
12.Joint Review with the AIA and ASME
13.ASME issues the certificate(s) and the ASME Certification Mark to the "Applicant"
14.The "Applicant" applies to the National Board for the "Certificate of Authorisation for Registration" and the NB-Stamp. This certificate is required to register components built and stamped in compliance with the ASME Code.The registration fee is depending on the size of each item.
15.Receipt of the "Certificate of Authorisation for Registration" and the NB stamp.
US $ 10,000.00 Advance payment for Joint Review (This is balanced with actual costs after the Joint Review) ASME
US $ approx 4,400.00 for Code books and bindersASME
US $ 2,820.00 per ASME certificate (For "H" or "UM":940 US $)ASME
US $ 280.00 per ASME Certification MarkASME
US $ approx 20.00 bank handling feeASME
US $ Free of charge for Certificate of Authorisation for Registration and NB-stampNational Bord
US $ approx 500.00 for NB Review (when the Review is conducted in conjunction with an ASME Joint Review)National Bord
US $ 630.00 NB Certificate fee ("R"-stamp or "VR"-stamp or "NR"-stamp)National Bord
US $ 60.00 per NB stamp ("R"-stamp or "VR"-stamp or "NR"-stamp)National Bord
US $ 265.00 Hard Copy for National Board Inspection Code (NBIC) ANSI/NB-23 (electronic version on CD or Flash drive: 265 US $)National Bord

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