ASME Code Consultancy Services

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Manufacturers often face problems when applying foreign Codes and Standards. Below you will find some examples of how we can help you with such specific problems.

Unfamiliar with the laws, rules and regulations at the place of operation?

No matter where, we assist in complying with the local requirements.
We help you obtain state specials from the authorities at the place of operation.

Could a Code Case help?

Applying for a Code Case is an option to make your specific equipment comply with the ASME Code. Should you need to use a material not listed in Section II Part D, a Code Case could be the answer to gain a competitive edge.

Unsure about how to understand the Code? Ask for an ASME Interpretation

By asking for an official ASME Code Interpretation, we can help you apply the ASME Code correctly and efficiently.

Canadian Registration Number - CRN?

Piping, vessels, boilers, fittings, valves and other pressure bearing parts need an official registration by the Canadian authorities. Canadian Registration - your key to the Canadian market.

How to prepare for ASME Certification?

It pays to become am ASME certified Manufacturer. Turn to us to make sure you can benefit from your investment right from the beginning.
Click how to become certified by ASME to get an overview of the certification procedure.

Quality Systems

Establishing, checking and auditing Quality Assurance/Control Systems according to the ASME Code, CSA B51... need not be bureaucratic nightmares! We offer customized packages.

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