Product & Technology Certification

Product & Technology Certification

Intelligent technologies become sustainable if we make them safe.

Technological progress sets major milestones in mankind`s development. From simple tools at the dawn of humanity to highly complex electronic machines, systems and devices of the modern age: technology advances mankind and shapes people`s lives. TÜV NORD CERT accompanies ongoing technological development and actively helps to shape it - with expertise gained from tradition and innovative services.

Intelligent technology makes life simpler in many different ways and can even save lives. From modern electrical systems and intelligent production through to pioneering innovations in energy supply: TÜV NORD CERT offers innovative technological certifications for all sectors.

Technology only serves its purpose if it does not produce any hazards. For more than 150 years TÜV NORD CERT has been helping to minimise risks and hence ensure maximum safety and quality. Whether for machines, installations or other technical systems: our recognised certifications stand worldwide for an exemplary level of safety and make a valuable contribution to the continuing improvement of products and processes.

The responsible handling of mineral resources and protection of the environment are among the essential challenges of the present day. TÜV NORD CERT promotes sustainable technologies which secure the future and places its expertise at the service of companies and partners.

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