Indoor air hygiene – Products for allergic persons

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Air hygiene – allergy products

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Air hygiene – allergy products

The awareness of consumers is strongly influenced by the constant increase in allergic diseases. This development influences their decision to buy products that play a role in a healthy interior. Our indoor air hygiene group tests and certifies materials and equipment with regard to their allergy suitability.

Tested products that meet our strict requirements can - to document their high indoor air hygiene standards - carry our test mark under specified conditions. Our competence guarantees a high level of acceptance of the awarded product by the consumer. Our tests are based on the recognised rules of technology as well as the relevant medical-allergological procedures and evaluation criteria.

Here you will find all products for allergy sufferers that have been awarded the TÜV NORD test mark "Indoor air hygiene test - Suitable for allergic people" or "Material test - Suitable for allergic people" (reference list):

Our Services

Indoor air-relevant devices and materials

TÜV NORD tests and certifies equipment and materials that can influence the quality of indoor air. These include, among others:

  • interior plaster
  • wallpaper paste
  • woodchip, non-woven woodchip and glass fibre wall covering
  • interior Colours
  • carpets
  • vacuum cleaners and vacuum cleaner bags
  • indoor air purifiers
  • dirt absorbing cleaning compositions
  • foam mattresses
  • mattress, pillow and duvet encasings (intermediate covers and bed linen)
  • pollen filters
Fine dust reduction

In addition, we test and certify products that contribute to the reduction of fine dust in the interior, e.g:

  • Laser printer exhaust air filter
  • Shredder with fine dust filter


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