Safety and innovation, made in Germany for 150 years.

Germany is the world market leader: in steam and pressure technology, in pipelines and chemical plants, in materials technology and in more than 20 other fields of plant and machine construction. Exports make up around two-thirds of sales totalling hundreds of billions of euros. This impressive success story has been accompanied by TÜV NORD for 140 years. Our experts have been providing safety, quality and increasing efficiency since TÜV NORD was founded. Our knowledge benefits major corporations, medium-sized companies and small businesses. Whether for major petrochemical plants or electrical engineering companies: We will help you protect your employees and the environment and satisfy your customers with the highest level of quality – in Dortmund, Dubai and Dorchester.

Our service for


Making progress and headway in more than 40 countries

Manufacturers in more than 40 countries worldwide rely on the competence of our experienced team made up of engineers and technicians in matters concerning welding and fluid technology as well as tank facilities and lifts.
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Assured technology, on both a large and small scale

You, as an operator, can place your trust in our experience when it comes to safety and functionality. We test thousands of different components each year and we refer to the corresponding sets of regulations and apply them in a targeted manner each and every day.
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