Personal Certification

Personal Certification

Proof of qualification is ever more important

Companies increasingly require personnel with proven knowledge specifically tailored to their functions within the organisation. Staff certification indicates a person's competence to perform certain tasks.

Such certification is issued on the basis of quality requirements stipulated for specific areas.

This makes efficient and strategic personnel planning considerably easier and increases the effectiveness and efficiency of in-house training measures. Personnel certification creates transparency, safety and trust through secured, reliable and comparable evaluation and monitoring procedures.

We run a personnel certification centre for you which focuses on market demands for qualified, neutral testing and certification of personnel active in modern vocational fields outside state regulations and in advance of regulations for particular professions. Our certification programs are developed with the support of partners from industry and other interested groups (e.g. supervisory authorities, professional associations) and then implemented.

Currently we offer the following certified qualifications in German:

Please ask for special training in other languages for your company.


  • Occupational safety management staff (TÜV®)
  • Operational health manager (TÜV®)
  • Fire protection representative (TÜV®)
  • CE coordinator (TÜV®)
  • Data protection staff (TÜV®)
  • Digital transformation manager (TÜV®)
  • Energy management staff (TÜV®)
  • GmbH managing director (TÜV®)
  • IATF 16949 - auditor (TÜV®)
  • Information security staff (TÜV®)
  • IT Grundschutz staff (TÜV®)
  • Key account manager (TÜV®)
  • Warehouse manager (TÜV®)
  • Methods representative (TÜV®) – Automotive Core Tools –
  • Personnel non-destructive testing
  • Product safety officer – automotive (TÜV®)
  • Project manager (TÜV®)
  • Process auditor in the supply chain according to VDA Volume 6.3 (TÜV®)
  • Process manager (TÜV®)
  • Testing equipment representative (TÜV®)
  • Quality specialist (TÜV®)
  • Quality representative (TÜV®)
  • Quality manager (TÜV®)
  • Quality auditor (TÜV®)
  • Risk manager (TÜV®)
  • Playground inspector (TÜV®)
  • Team leader (TÜV®)
  • Trainer for adult education (on request) (TÜV®)
  • Environmental management staff (TÜV®)
  • Health, safety and environment certificate for executive managers of contractors (SCC)
  • Health, safety and environment certificate for operational staff of contractors (SCC)
  • Health, safety and environment certificate for operational staff and operational managers (SCC) for participants without vocational training

For you, the certificate is your personal proof of the competences gained in the training course. It enjoys a high level of respect and recognition.

Any more questions? We will be happy to advise you. Please contact us.

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Personal Certification

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