Grease Separators

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Expert inspections according to DIN 4040-100

Grease Separators

Waste water occurs in restaurants, commercial kitchens, butchers' premises etc. as a result of washing up and cleaning operations. This water also contains vegetable and animal oils and fats. These oils and fats:

  • build up in pipes and drains, leading to narrowing and blockages
  • cause corrosion in the plumbing System
  • decompose and give rise to evil-smelling fatty acids, causing foul odours

For these reasons among others, waste water containing grease must be treated in a suitably designed and dimensioned grease separator before entering the municipal sewerage system. The separator consists of the sludge trap, the grease separator itself and a sampling device.

The new version of standard DIN 4040-100 places additional requirements on operators of grease separators:

  • Measures for self-testing
  • Maintenance
  • Inspection (general inspections including seal tightness test)
  • Operating log
Our Services
  • Seminars for the required specialist knowledge for operators of grease separators, representatives of public authorities (local and town councils ! *) and waste disposal companies
  • General inspections (5-yearly with seal tightness tests) by qualified TÜV NORD inspectors
  • Reports, advice for operators, planning offices, courts, public authorities