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Testing your software quality: With the TÜViT Code Matrix

Testing your software quality: With the TÜViT Code Matrix

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New TÜViT White Paper "Post-Quantum Security"

New TÜViT White Paper "Post-Quantum Security"

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Your IT Security and Quality – independently checked

TÜV tested - this statement is always considered a seal of quality in Germany as well as in the world. And with good reason. What applies to cars, machines, plants or buildings, TÜViT also makes possible for hardware and software: certified, secure products and systems that your customers can rely on.

More than


years of experience in testing & certification of IT security.



accreditations for testing & certification in the field of information technology.



certificates issued by TÜViT per year.

We offer you services in the following areas:


Current focus topics


Firmware Security: Testing & Certification of Firmware Update Loaders

TÜViT’s new evaluation and certification approach offers an isolated view on the firmware update mechanism, allowing to certify its security without looking at other functionality.

Customer information: Dealing with the corona virus

The Corona crisis has a significant impact on our professional everyday life. TÜViT has therefore also taken measures to provide the best possible protection for our employees and those of our customers.

Post-quantum cryptography: IT security in the era of quantum technology

With the rapidly ongoing research in quantum computing, the need for post-quantum security is emerging. The reason is that quantum computers are capable of breaking today's most widely deployed public key algorithms.