At TÜV NORD Umweltschutz, we understand sustainability as a holistic issue: Ecological, economic, and social factors should ideally be considered in a balanced and harmonious manner. Implementing this in a way that is tailored to the individual needs and situation of our customers is our primary goal and our drive.

As a technical environmental service provider, we initially focus on ecological aspects and technical approaches to solutions. We always focus on a practicable and use-oriented implementation of your sustainability goals and issues to ensure the future success of your company.

Our offers are manifold. Please feel free to ask us for an initial consultation!

Potential Analysis

We determine your current performance and identify potential areas for action.

Corporate Carbon Footprint

We calculate your carbon footprint based on international standards (ISO 14064).

Sustainability Communication

We support you with the internal communication of your sustainability commitment and with the development of a corporate structure geared towards sustainability.

Strategy Consulting

We work together with you on your vision and the definition of primary goals.

Sustainability Manager

We support you continuously with the implementation of your strategic and operational measures.

Supply Chain Management

We accompany you in the transformation towards a more sustainable and transparent supply chain based on a risk analysis.

Sustainability Report

We prepare for you both a comprehensive sustainability report according to known standards and a condensed version.

Management System for Sustainability and Environment

We support you in setting up or optimizing management systems, for example based on ISO 14001 or the CSR Performance Ladder.

Your advantages

  • Cost savings, e.g. through emission reductions, optimized use of resources or increased efficiency
  • Preservation of competitiveness
  • Significant improvement in operational environmental protection
  • Increased innovation potential and process optimization
  • Strengthening of the brand and improved external image
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Attractiveness as an employer
  • Customer loyalty and strengthening of relationships
  • Fulfillment of admission requirements for tender procedures
  • Improved creditworthiness due to future viability

Both with our long-established technical environmental protection services and with our innovative additional sustainability initiatives, we are guided by the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These international goals form the essential basis of European, national and regional sustainability programs and requirements and thus also provide a framework for action for companies.

As a service provider, it is our natural goal to support our customers as a strong partner in the integration of these global goals into their corporate practice. In doing so, we always include essential and specific requirements from our customers' environment.

We support you in the development and implementation of strategic and operational measures that are in line with the SDGs and the individual operational needs and thus drive the sustainability transformation forward together with you.

We are looking forward to your inquiry