ASME Inspections

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Inspection according to the ASME Code

TÜV NORD is an internationally recognized specialist for ASME BPV Code inspections.

As a globally operating organization, we provide qualified personnel meeting your requirements.

The type and scope of our services (technical and design requirements) are defined in a preliminary meeting.



Our ASME Authorized Inspectors carry out inspections, covering Power and Heating Boilers, Pressure Vessels, Piping, etc.

The scope of inspections covers:

  • Implementation and Monitoring of the quality control system
  • Intermediate inspections (during fabrication)
  • Visual Internal inspections
  • Final inspections

In addition, we prepare "Third Party Reports" for components (piping, valves) that are not subject to mandatory ASME inspections and issue the corresponding statement of compliance after successful testing.

Furthermore, we verify proof tests, as often required for Canadian approval or for components, which cannot be designed using simple calculation methods.

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