Personal Certification IEC 61508

New technologies and extended functionalities in process automation lead to the development of an increasing amount of safety relevant electronical systems and to their usage for risk reduction at technical sites. At the same time, that means that not only the amount of electronical components and systems rises, but also their complexity and the demands for safety. The generic safety standard IEC 61508 requires companies to ensure that personnel dealing with functional safety possesses a sufficient amount of competence and qualification. In process technology, skilled personnel is desperately being searched for on the the labor market that is able to demonstrate their competency and professionalism through corresponding qualifications.

Therefore we have created a 3-stage personal certification program.

Stage 1 = FSCED (Functional Safety Certified Engineer Development) proof of fundamental knowledge of the concepts and goals of functional safety management.
Stufe 2 = FSCCD (Functional Safety Certified Coordinator /Consultant Development) prof of the competency to plan, conduct and document assessments based on the IEC 61508
Stage 3 = FSCMD (Functional Safety Certified Manager Development) proof of the competency to be assigned as a process owner of functional safety management and to plan tasks and work products within Projects.

Personenzertifizierung IEC 61508
 Name  Vorname  ZertifikatsNr  Version  Gültig bis Monat  Gültig bis Jahr  Zertifikat
 Amini  Amin  A031_0842/16  1.0   Oktober   2019Download
 Bachmann  Dirk  A031_01001/17  1.0   März   2020Download
 Balogh  Kenneth William  A031_897/16  1.0   November   2019Download
 Barth  Angelika  A031_01363/18  1.0   November   2021Download
 Baumgartner  Johan  A031_0848/16  1.0   Oktober   2019Download
 Birkmeir  Harald  A031_01005/17  1.0   März   2020Download
 Bobe  Gerald  A031_1212/18  1.0   April   2021 Download
 Brand  Daniel  A031_1214/18  1.0   April   2021 Download
 Chang  Chia-Yi  A031_1104/17  1.0   August   2020Download
 Chao  Kuo-Heng  A031_1103/17  1.0   August   2020Download
 Chiba  Shota  A031_01260/18  1.0   Juli   2021Download
 Dengel  Markus  A031_1003/17  1.0   März   2020Download
 Dörr  Stefan  A031_01365/18  1.0   November   2021Download
 Dorigatti  Martin  A031_0930/16  1.0   Dezember   2019 Download
 Dupuis  Jérȏme  A031_0846/16  1.0   Oktober   2019Download
 Effenberger  Frank  A031_0849/16  1.0   November   2019Download
 Feberwee  Nils  A031_01744/19  1.0   Oktober   2022Download
 Fischer  Christian  A031_01742/19  1.0   September   2022 Download
 Fischer  Robert  A031_1213/18  1.0   April   2021 Download
 Frey  Felix  A031_1089/17  1.0   Juli   2020Download
 Gasso  Joan Gubianes  A031_0856/16  1.0   November   2019Download
 Geiger  Marcus  A031_01585/19  1.0   April   2022Download
 Gerull  Helge  A031_01749/19  1.0   Oktober   2022Download
 Gößner  Daniel  A031_1211/18  1.0   April   2021 Download
 Dr. Heiligenthal  Sven  A031_01666/19  1.0   Juli   2022Download
 Heinemann  Christian  A031_01369/18  1.0   November   2021Download
 Heitmann  Stefano  A031_01665/19  1.0   Juli   2022Download
 Hendriks  Jonathan James  A031_0840/16  1.0   Oktober   2019Download
 Hervé  Morgan  A031_0857/16  1.0   November   2019Download
 Hitz  Marco  A031_01039/17  1.0   Mai   2020Download
 Hoffmann  Sven  A031_0852/16  1.0   November   2019Download
 Huang  Jou Chen  A031_1106/17  1.0   August   2020Download
 Hüer  Marcel  A031_01367/18  1.0   November   2021Download
 Hum  Steven Lee  A031_0894/16  1.0   November   2019 Download
 Hunholz  Andreas  A031_01661/19  1.0   Juli   2022Download
 Ilievski  Mirko  A031_1038/17  1.0   Mai   2020Download
 Kiwitz  Pascal  A031_0843/16  1.0   Oktober   2019Download
 Kluessendorf  Helge  A031_01120/17  1.0   September   2020Download
 Klugmann  Martin  A031_0929/16  1.0   Dezember   2019Download
 Kolm  Kai  A031_01748/19  1.0   Oktober   2022Download
 Kowol  Martin  A031_0932/16  1.0   Dezember   2019Download
 Krämer  Simon  A031_01040/17  1.0   Mai   2020Download
 Krapf  Liane  A031_01663/19  1.0   Juli   2022Download
 Kroker  Markus  A031_01664/19  1.0   Juli   2022Download
 Krumm  Gerald Siegfried  A031_01121/17  1.0   September   2020Download
 Dr. Lauer  Peter  A031_0896/16  1.0   November   2019Download
 Lin  Che-Sheng  A031_1102/17  1.0   August   2020Download
 Marty  Kilian  A031_0844/16  1.0   Oktober   2019Download
 Mayer  Markus  A031_01041/17  1.0   Mai   2020Download
 Mengeringhausen  Frank  A031_1002/17  1.0   März   2020Download
 Mezenen  Christof  A031_0845/16  1.0   Oktober   2019Download
 Mittelholzer  Alfred  A031_0858/16  1.0   November   2019Download
 Müller  Alexander  A031_01660/19  1.0   Juli   2022Download
 Nagarajan  Pranav  A031_0853/16  1.0   November   2019Download
 Nelson  Jody J.  A031_0892/16  1.0   November   2019Download
 Neumann  Stephan  A031_0860/16  1.0   November   2019Download
 Noack  Torsten  A031_01208/18  1.0   April   2021Download
 Oswald  Carina  A031_01364/18  1.0   November   2021Download
 Othmer  Lars  A031_0931/16  1.0   Dezember   2019Download
 Panizza  Claudio  A031_0841/16  1.0   Oktober   2019Download
 Pan  Hung-Mao  A031_01101/17  1.0   August   2020Download
 Peters  Christian  A031_01209/18  1.0   April   2021 Download
 Petre  Yolanda  A031_0895/16  1.0   November   2019 Download
 Rapf  Thomas  A031_0998/17  1.0   März   2020 Download
 Dr.Reinelt  Wolfgang  A031_01258/18  1.0   Juli   2021Download
 Richter  Florian  A031_01368/18  1.0   November   2021Download
 Rohrer  Daniel  A031_0859/16  1.0   November   2019Download
 Rosenwirth  Hannes  A031_01681/19  1.0   Juli   2022Download
 Schmidt  Carsten  A031_01745/19  1.0   Oktober   2022Download
 Schmidt  Holger-Uwe  A031_01746/19  1.0   Oktober   2022Download
 Schwarz  Gordon  A031_01747/19  1.0   Oktober   2022Download
 Seidel  Frank  A031_01210/18  1.0   April   2021 Download
 Shen  Jinlong  A031_01662/19  1.0   Juli   2022Download
 Shyu  Yun Chieh  A031_01105/17  1.0   August   2020Download
 Sielaff  Torben  A031_0928/16  1.0   Dezember   2019Download
 Silva  Eric  A031_0847/16  1.0   Oktober   2019Download
 Strack  Roman  A031_01004/17  1.0   März   2020Download
 Su  Wei-Tu  A031_01107/17  1.0   August   2020Download
 Takamura  Hiroki  A031_01259/18  1.0   Juli   2021Download
 Taylor  William III  A031_0893/16  1.0   November   2019Download
 Townson  John Derek  A031_0850/16  1.0   November   2019 Download
 Träger  Steffen  A031_1088/17  1.0   Juli   2020Download
 Trappschuh  Felix  A031_0854/16  1.0   November   2019 Download
 Tschoepe  Martin  A031_1087/17  1.0   Juli   2020Download
 Tsou  Tai You  A031_1371/18  1.0   November   2021Download
 Ventura  Luis Alfonso Puertollano  A031_1000/17  1.0   März   2020Download
 Wang  Chien-Ching  A031_01100/17  1.0   August   2020Download
 Wang  Ting Yao  A031_1372/18  1.0   November   2021Download
 Weber  Andreas  A031_0999/17  1.0   März   2020Download
 Wei  Zheng  A031_1370/18  1.0   November   2021Download
 Willi  Hans Peter  A031_0855/16  1.0   November   2019Download
 Zill  Matthias  A031_0851/16  1.0   November   2019 Download