New technologies and enhanced functionalities in vehicles lead to the development of a steadily increasing number of safety relevant electronical Systems in the automotive industry. This means that not only the number of electronical components and Systems rises, but also their complexity and the requirements for safety. The safety standard ISO 26262 requires companies to ensure that personnel that is dealing with functional safety possesses a sufficient level of competency and qualifications. Since the release of the publication of the ISO 26262, the labor market is desperately looking for trained personnel that is able to demonstrate their compentency and professionalism by corresponding qualifications.

Therefore we have created a 3-stage personal certification program.

Stage 1 = FSCAE (Functional Safety Certified Automotive Engineer)
proof of fundamental knowledge of concepts and goals of the functional safety management.
Stage 2 = FSCAC (Functional Safety Certified Automotive Coordinator /Consultant)
proof of competency to plan, conduct and document assessments based on the ISO 26262
Stage 3 = FSCAM (Functional Safety Certified Automotive Manager) proof of competency to function as a process owner for functional safety management and to plan working packages and products within projects

Personal Certification  ISO 26262

 Last Name  First Name  CertificationNr  Version  Valid until Month  Valid until Year  Certificate
 Adelman  Derell  A031_01406/19  1.0   January   2022Download
 Altare  Gabriele  A031_01719/19  1.0   September   2022Download
 Amini  Paria  A031_01108/17  1.0   September   2020Download
 Amini  Amin  A031_01111/17  1.0   September   2020Download
 Ananda Kumar  Spoorthi  A031_01859/20  1.0   May   2023Download
 Arora  Ishan  A031_01380/18  1.0   December   2021Download
 Asher  Gregory  A031_01826/20  1.0   April   2023Download
 Avilla  Miguel  A031_01720/19  1.0   September   2022Download
 Badwal  Anurag  A031_01246/18  1.0   June   2021Download
 Baird  Christopher J  A031_01847/20  1.0   May   2023Download
 Bakalas  Alex  A031_01408/19  1.0   January   2022Download
 Balachandran  Vignesh  A031_01244/18  1.0   June   2021Download
 Baprawski  Gregory D.  A031_01053/17  1.0   June   2020Download
 Barker  Dennis M.  A031_01732/19  1.0   September   2022Download
 Basani  Little Flower  A031_0963/17  1.0   February   2020Download
 Beacock  Benjamin  A031_01729/19  1.0   September   2022Download
 Becerril  Adolfo  A031_01377/18  1.0   December   2021Download
 Beikman  Alvin E.  A031_01409/19  1.0   January   2022Download
 Benzinger  Martin  A031_01303/18  1.0   October   2021Download
 Benz  Craig  A031_01178/17  1.0   December   2020Download
 Bergt  Sebastian  A031_01231/18  1.0   May   2021 Download
 Beom Ko  Seok  A031_01226/18  1.0   May   2021 Download
 Bessman  John  A031_01827/20  1.0   April   2023Download
 Betscher  Thomas  A031_01199/17  1.0   August   2020Download
 Black  Christopher  A031_01837/20  1.0   May   2023Download
 Bolthouse  Don E.  A031_0964/17  1.0   February   2020Download
 Booth  Richard  A031_01603/19  1.0   June   2022Download
 Bosch Fauli  Marc  A031_01238/18  1.0   May   2021 Download
 Bosscher  Jeff  A031_0961/17  1.0   February   2020Download
 Bowers  Colin  A031_01379/18  1.0   December   2021Download
 Boyana  Sai Gopal  A031_01838/20  1.0   May   2023Download
 Boyer  Gregory  A031_0966/17  1.0   February   2020Download
 Bräuer  Stefan  A031_01230/18  1.0   May   2021 Download
 Breese  Richard Michael  A031_01047/17  1.0   June   2020Download
 Broch  Nicolas  A031_01236/18  1.0   May   2021 Download
 Browning  Kisha  A031_01832/20  1.0   May   2023Download
 Bucala  Michael  A031_0871/16  1.0   November   2019Download
 Buelow  Oliver  A031_01189/17  1.0   January   2021Download
 Chang  Chia-Hao  A031_01634/19  1.0   June   2022Download
 Chang  Frank  A031_01728/19  1.0   September   2022Download
 Chang  Shih-Hsuan  A031_0948/17  1.0   January   2020Download
 Chang  Wei-Te  A031_0951/17  1.0   January   2020Download
 Chang  Kun-Chang  A031_01012/17  1.0   May   2020Download
 Chang  Keng-Ju  A031_01076/17  1.0   July   2020Download
 Chang  Shiu-Ming  A031_01141/17  1.0   November   2020Download
 Chang  Wooi Leong  A031_01197/18  1.0   March   2021Download
 Chang  Chih Cheng  A031_01353/18  1.0   March   2022Download
 Chang  Yu-Wen  A031_01559/19  1.0   March   2022Download
 Chang  Min-Shuen  A031_01572/19  1.0   March   2022Download
 Chan  Ching-Wen  A031_0952/17  1.0   January   2020Download
 Chan  Chun-Jen  A031_01675/19  1.0   July   2022Download
 Cain  David  A031_01731/19  1.0   September   2022Download
 Calik  Tolga  A031_01311/18  1.0   October   2021Download
 Carter  Nicholas  A031_01618/19  1.0   June   2022Download
 Castro  Diego  A031_01200/18  1.0   March   2021Download
 Chang-Hsiang  Kuai  A031_01163_17  1.0   December   2020 Download
 ChaoTse  Hing  A031_01658/19  1.0   July   2022Download
 Chao  Cody Chi Lin  A031_01712/19  1.0   September   2022Download
 Che  Chan Cheng  A031_01163_17  1.0   December   2020 Download
 Chen  Min-Chin  A031_01164/17  1.0   December   2020 Download
 Chen  Hsien-Wen  A031_01129/17  1.0   October   2020Download
 Chen  Xiefeng  A031_01328/18  1.0   November   2021Download
 Chen  Yu Lin  A031_01344/18  1.0   November   2021Download
 Chen  Po Hsiu  A031_01346/18  1.0   November   2021Download
 Chen  Po Chuan  A031_01354/18  1.0   November   2021Download
 Chen  Chiu-Ling  A031_01558/19  1.0   March   2022Download
 Chen  Jing  A031_01651/19  1.0   July   2022Download
 Chen  Jun-Wei  A031_01659/19  1.0   July   2022Download
 Chen  I-Ming  A031_0933/17  1.0   January   2020Download
 Chen  Ming-Huang  A031_0935/17  1.0   January   2020Download
 Chen  Po-Jiu  A031_01018/17  1.0   May   2020Download
 Chen  Chen-Yu  A031_01073/17  1.0   July   2020Download
 Chen  Pei Shin  A031_01082/17  1.0   July   2020Download
 Chen  Min-Chin  A031_01164/17  1.0   December   2020Download
 Chen  Shen Wei  A031_01166/17  1.0   December   2020Download
 Chen  Tsu-Nan  A031_01285/18  1.0   September   2021Download
 Chen  Jung-Sheng  A031_01432/19  1.0   February   2022Download
 Che  Chan Cheng  A031_01169/17  1.0   December   2020Download
 Cheng-Wei  Lin  A031_01140/17  1.0   November   2020Download
 Cheng-Ying  Sung  A031_01274/18  1.0   July   2021 Download
 Cheng  Ching-Chi  A031_01561/19  1.0   March   2022Download
 Cheng  Yu Chi  A031_01633/19  1.0   July   2022Download
 Chiang  Vickie  A031_01343/18  1.0   November   2021Download
 Chiang  Jui-Kuo  A031_01139/17  1.0   November   2020Download
 Chiang  Siao-She  A031_01456/19  1.0   March   2022Download
 Chiang  Chung-Ju  A031_01637/19  1.0   July   2022Download
 Chiang  Li-Wang  A031_01007/17  1.0   May   2020Download
 Chien  Meng-Ju  A031_01064/17  1.0   July   2020Download
 Chin-Huang  Chen  A031_01277/18  1.0   July   2021Download
 Ching  Chin Chen  A031_01335/18  1.0   November   2021Download
 Chin  Wan Tai  A031_01199/18  1.0   March   2021Download
 Chin  Tseng-Ta  A031_01078/17  1.0   July   2020Download
 Chi Yung  Liao  A031_01167/17  1.0   December   2020Download
 Cho  Juhyel  A031_01227/18  1.0   May   2021 Download
 Chou  Chih-Peng  A031_01016/17  1.0   May   2020Download
 Cho  Youngshin  A031_01143/17  1.0   November   2020Download
 Cho  Juhye  A031_01227/18  1.0   May   2021Download
 Chuang  Ching-Jui  A031_01670/19  1.0   July   2022Download
 Chuang  Yung-Lai  A031_0940/17  1.0   January   2020Download
 Chuang  Jun-Yu  A031_01160/17  1.0   December   2020 Download
 Chun-Te  Ko  A031_01137/17  1.0   December   2020Download
 Chung  Chen-Jui  A031_01290/18  1.0   September   2021Download
 Chunyen  Chen  A031_01334/18  1.0   November   2021Download
 Chu  Yi-Ming  A031_01563/19  1.0   March   2022Download
 Chu  Chih-Hsing  A031_01444/19  1.0   February   2022Download
 Corbet  Todd  A031_01849/20  1.0   May   2023Download
 Crise  Thomas  A031_01407/19  1.0   January   2022Download
 Csizmadia  Tasmás  A031_0983/17  1.0   March   2020Download
 Daghsen  Ahmed  A031_01126/17  1.0   October   2020Download
 Daub  Dr. Hans Peter  A031_01188/17  1.0   January   2021Download
 Davari  Swati  A031_01042/17  1.0   June   2020Download
 David  James  A031_0962/17  1.0   February   2020Download
 Desmottes  Thibaut  A031_01727/19  1.0   September   2022Download
 Do  Sung Ryong  A031_01393/18  1.0   November   2021Download
 Dietrich  Armin  A031_01307/18  1.0   October   2021Download
 Ding  Xiami  A031_01332/18  1.0   November   2021Download
 Dong-Hyeon  Seo  A031_01146/17  1.0   October   2020Download
 Dorn  Fabian  A031_01310/18  1.0   October   2021Download
 Do  Sung Ryong  A031_01393/18  1.0   November   2021Download
 Donepudi  Hari Krishna  A031_01841/20  1.0   May   2023Download
 Duan  Ruozhu  A031_0185720  1.0   May   2023Download
 Dupuis  Jerome  A031_01114/17  1.0   September   2021Download
 Du  Ming-Jhe  A031_01083/17  1.0   July   2020Download
 Dwivedi  Nitish  A031_01722/19  1.0   September   2022Download
 Dzoyem  Ernest Blaise  A031_01261/17  1.0   July   2020Download
 Eddula  Balaji  A031_01193/18  1.0   March   2021Download
 Ene  Emeka  A031_01856/20  1.0   May   2023Download
 Essegbey  John  A031_01840/20  1.0   May   2023Download
 Everad  Tamar  A031_01608/19  1.0   June   2022Download
 Faivor  Lance Charles  A031_01207/18  1.0   March   2021Download
 Fa  Yeh-Sheng  A031_01636/19  1.0   July   2022Download
 Federer  Tamas  A031_01714/19  1.0   September   2022Download
 Felkl  Manfred  A031_01095/17  1.0   August   2020Download
 Feng  Shih-Teng  A031_01632/19  1.0   July   2022Download
 Feng  Jui  A031_01010/17  1.0   May   2020Download
 Ferone  Christopher  A031_01735/19  1.0   January   2022Download
 Fischer  Evan  A031_0909/16  1.0   December   2019Download
 Fleckstein  Johannes  A031_01306/18  1.0   October   2021Download
 Fodroci  Michael Paul  A031_01598/19  1.0   June   2022Download
 Folian  Michael  A031_01190/18  1.0   March   2021Download
 Fong-An  Kan  A031_01268/18  1.0   September   2021Download
 Fox  Andrew  A031_01705/19  1.0   September   2022Download
 Franzky  Jonathan  A031_0870/16  1.0   November   2019Download
 Friesenecker  Florian  A031_01058/17  1.0   June   2020Download
 Fritsch  Robert  A031_01234/17  1.0   May   2021Download
 Fu  Chuan Ting  A031_01669/19  1.0   July   2022Download
 Gallaher  Nate  A031_0982/17  1.0   March   2020Download
 Gantenbein  Sandro  A031_01243/18  1.0   May   2021Download
 Gatewood  Bryan S.  A031_01848/20  1.0   May   2023Download
 Gao  Yuan  A031_01263/18  1.0   May   2021Download
 Gardner  Matthew  A031_01617/19  1.0   June   2022Download
 Gibson  Shawn  A031_01713/19  1.0   September   2022Download
 Giesel  Thomas  A031_01116/17  1.0   September   2020Download
 Godzanker  Roy  A031_01855/20  1.0   May   2023Download
 Gollapudi  Rahul Teja  A031_01854/20  1.0   May   2023Download
 Gonzalez Flores  Miguel Jezoar  A031_01858/20  1.0   May   2023Download
 Goodchild  Mark  A031_01206/18  1.0   March   2021Download
 Gorney  Anthony N.  A031_0826/16  1.0   September   2019Download
 Goswami  Subhash  A031_01851/20  1.0   May   2023Download
 Goyal  Jatin  A031_0820/16  1.0   September   2019Download
 Goyal  Akul  A031_01249/18  1.0   June   2021Download
 Guckes  Eric  A031_01711/19  1.0   September   2022Download
 Guelpers  Anke  A031_01090/17  1.0   August   2020Download
 Guitron Pruneda  Andres  A031_01860/20  1.0   May   2023Download
 Guk  Bae Jeong  A031_01219/18  1.0   May   2021Download
 Gupta  Oshin  A031_01853/20  1.0   May   2023Download
 Gurusiddaiah  Aarsh  A031_01740/19  1.0   September   2022Download
 Hale  Ronald  A031_01615/19  1.0   June   2022Download
 Halma  Marco  A031_01237/18  1.0   May   2021Download
 Hansen  Larry  A031_01179/17  1.0   December   2020Download
 Han  Seung Ho  A031_01390/18  1.0   November   2021Download
 Han  Kyuyul  A031_01221/18  1.0   May   2021Download
 Han  Lijing  A031_01223/18  1.0   May   2021Download
 Hardono  Hollana  A031_01410/19  1.0   January   2022Download
 Hartzog  Chad  A031_01741/19  1.0   September   2022Download
 Heater  Zachery  A031_01050/17  1.0   June   2020Download
 Hechtman  Steven  A031_01725/19  1.0   September   2022Download
 Hermandez  Armando  A031_01127/17  1.0   October   2020Download
 Hinderer  Falk  A031_01822/20  1.0   March   2023Download
 Hock  Christina  A031_01304/18  1.0   October   2021Download
 Hoffmann  Harald  A031_01823/20  1.0   March   2023Download
 Hofmann  Daniel  A031_01302/18  1.0   October   2021Download
 Hou  Szu-Wei  A031_01435/19  1.0   February   2022Download
 Hrazdera  Oliver  A031_01057/17  1.0   June   2020Download
 Hsiao  Chi-Cheng  A031_01567/19  1.0   March   2022Download
 Hsiao  Kuang-Che  A031_01571/19  1.0   March   2022Download
 Hsieh  Chia-Yen  A031_01071/17  1.0   July   2020Download
 Hsu  Wei Cheng  A031_01565/19  1.0   March   2022Download
 Hsu  Po-Ching  A031_01643/19  1.0   July   2022Download
 Hsu  Hung-Jen  A031_0936/17  1.0   January   2020Download
 Hsu  Ching-Yuan  A031_0950/17  1.0   January   2020Download
 Hsu  Vera  A031_01014/17  1.0   May   2020Download
 Hsu  Cheng-Yi  A031_01288/18  1.0   September   2021Download
 Hsu  Hui-Chin  A031_01441/18  1.0   November   2021Download
 Hsu  Tsung-Min  A031_01289/18  1.0   September   2021Download
 Huang  Jen-Yi  A031_01282/18  1.0   September   2021Download
 Huang-Ray  Yu-Wei  A031_01283/18  1.0   September   2021Download
 Huang  Chun-Chih  A031_01443/19  1.0   February   2022Download
 Huang  Fei-Chih  A031_01360/18  1.0   November   2021Download
 Huang  Ya-Chuan  A031_01673/19  1.0   July   2022Download
 Huang  Ryan  A031_0941/17  1.0   January   2020Download
 Huang  Tai-Yi  A031_01077/17  1.0   July   2020Download
 Huang  Chenwel  A031_01135/17  1.0   November   2020Download
 Huang  Shu-Ching  A031_01437/17  1.0   February   2022Download
 Hung-Hseng  Hsu  A031_01266/18  1.0   July   2021Download
 Hung  Hsiao Jen  A031_01019/17  1.0   May   2020Download
 Hung  Chung-Keng  A031_01085/17  1.0   July   2020Download
 Hu  Wenbin  A031_01321/18  1.0   November   2021Download
 Hu  Shan-En  A031_01654/19  1.0   March   2022Download
 Hyang  Ji Kim  A031_01027/17  1.0   May   2020Download
 Ibaven  Saul  A031_01704/19  1.0   September   2022Download
 Inderhees  Bryan Paul  A031_01405/19  1.0   January   2022Download
 Jaehoon  Lee  A031_01172/17  1.0   December   2020Download
 Janos  Attila Mikes  A031_01185/17  1.0   January   2020Download
 Jaura  Arshwinder Singh  A031_01045/17  1.0   February   2020Download
 Jayaram  Sunarayana  A031_01402/19  1.0   January   2022Download
 Jeng  Ming-Yuan  A031_01159/17  1.0   December   2020Download
 Jeon  Hyncheol  A031_01391/18  1.0   November   2021Download
 Jervis  John  A031_01616/19  1.0   June   2022Download
 Jiang  Huanjun  A031_01329/18  1.0   November   2021Download
 Ji  Liping  A031_01649/19  1.0   July   2022Download
 Joshi  Chaitrali  A031_01422/18  1.0   January   2021Download
 Joswig  Moritz  A031_01115/17  1.0   September   2020Download
 Joyce  Gerard  A031_0822/16  1.0   September   2019Download
 Jung Hung  Lin  A031_01272/18  1.0   July   2021Download
 Kabir  Mol Rafiul  A031_01191/18  1.0   March   2021Download
 Kadagalla  Jana Aditya Phanidar  A031_01739/19  1.0   September   2022Download
 Kadambari  Satya Srikrithi  A031_01834/20  1.0   May   2023Download
 Kaiser  Daniel Rodrigo  A031_01600/19  1.0   January   2022Download
 Kanafani  Mohamad  A031_01419/18  1.0   January   2021Download
 Kancharia  Raghu  A031_01203/18  1.0   March   2021Download
 Kandharkar  Pushkar  A031_01378/18  1.0   December   2021Download
 Kang  Ken  A031_01411/19  1.0   January   2022Download
 Kantamneni  Yaswanth  A031_01376/18  1.0   December   2021Download
 Kao  Yu Ting  A031_01341/18  1.0   November   2021Download
 Kao  Ming-Tso  A031_01639/19  1.0   July   2022Download
 Kao  Chung-Yau  A031_0944/17  1.0   January   2020Download
 Kao  Chien-Hsien  A031_01079/17  1.0   July   2020Download
 Karadshe  Sam  A031_0816/16  1.0   September   2019Download
 Karl  Matthias  A031_0870/16  1.0   November   2019Download
 Katona  Antal Läszlö  A031_0981/17  1.0   March   2020Download
 Kaufmann  Sina  A031_01117/17  1.0   September   2020Download
 Kececi  Fatih  A031_01820/20  1.0   March   2023Download
 Kelley  Brad  A031_01597/19  1.0   June   2022Download
 Keng  Feng-Cheng  A031_0937/2017  1.0   January   2020Download
 Kessler  Markus  A031_01836/20  1.0   May   2023Download
 Khalilolrahmani  Elnaz  A031_01824/20  1.0   March   2023Download
 Kim  Jin Woo  A031_01389/18  1.0   November   2021Download
 Kim  Myungchul  A031_01677/19  1.0   May   2022Download
 Kim  Jung Ho  A031_01678/19  1.0   July   2022Download
 Kim  Dolores  A031_01392/18  1.0   November   2021Download
 Kim  Seulki  A031_01844/20  1.0   May   2023Download
 Kim  Soung Mi  A031_01142/17  1.0   November   2020Download
 Kim  Sunghyun  A031_01220/18  1.0   May   2021Download
 Ki  Kim Hyun  A031_01028/17  1.0   May   2020Download
 Ki Suk  Cho  A031_01171/17  1.0   December   2020Download
 Klink  Benjamin  A031_01449/19  1.0   February   2022Download
 Kokosa  Chris  A031_01375/18  1.0   December   2021Download
 Kolluru  Sethu Hareesh  A031_0828/16  1.0   August   2019Download
 Han  Lijing  A031_01223/18  1.0   May   2021Download
 Kota  Praveen Kumar  A031_01176/17  1.0   December   2020Download
 Kothinti  Govardhan Reddy  A031_01386/18  1.0   December   2021Download
 Kraenzler  Dennis  A031_01119/17  1.0   September   2020Download
 Kremer  Ramona  A031_01097/17  1.0   August   2020Download
 Kulkarni  Sayash  A031_01622/19  1.0   June   2022Download
 Kumaresan  Parimala  A031_01381/18  1.0   December   2021Download
 Kumar  Raman  A031_01021/17  1.0   May   2020Download
 Kuo  Chunyi  A031_01070/17  1.0   July   2020Download
 Ku  LChu Cheng  A031_01287/18  1.0   September   2021Download
 Lai  Chia-Min  A031_01631/19  1.0   July   2022Download
 LaVelle  Sharla  A031_01607/19  1.0   July   2022Download
 Lee  Yi-Cheng  A031_01130/17  1.0   October   2020Download
 Lee  Ching-Min  A031_01560/19  1.0   March   2022Download
 Lee  Hsing-Ying  A031_01569/19  1.0   March   2022Download
 Lee  Yen-Li  A031_0954/17  1.0   January   2020Download
 Lee  Chia Kang  A031_01011/17  1.0   May   2022Download
 Lee  Liwei  A031_01065/17  1.0   July   2020Download
 Lee  Jaehan  A031_01225/18  1.0   May   2021Download
 Lee  Yi-Ju  A031_01440/19  1.0   February   2022Download
 Lee  Chinmin  A031_01628/19  1.0   July   2022Download
 Li-Wen  Chen  A031_01270/18  1.0   July   2021Download
 Liang  Hui Chen  A031_01362/18  1.0   November   2021Download
 Liang  Lei  A031_01645/19  1.0   July   2022Download
 Liang  Li Han  A031_01080/17  1.0   July   2020Download
 Liao  Yi Huan  A031_01395/18  1.0   November   2021Download
 Liao  Yi-Chuan  A031_01455/19  1.0   March   2022Download
 Liao  Ming-Cheng  A031_01068/17  1.0   July   2020Download
 Liedtke  Peter  A031_01059/17  1.0   July   2020Download
 Lin  Wen-Neng  A031_01006/17  1.0   May   2020Download
 Lin  I-Shun  A031_01013/17  1.0   May   2020Download
 Lin  Jui-Wen  A031_01022/17  1.0   May   2020Download
 Lin  Yung Kun  A031_01063/17  1.0   July   2020Download
 Lin  Tseng Kuej  A031_01072/17  1.0   July   2020Download
 Lin  Alex  A031_01081/17  1.0   July   2020Download
 Lin  Yu Chen  A031_01161/17  1.0   December   2020Download
 Lin  Hao-Wei  A031_01165/17  1.0   December   2020Download
 Lin  Yu-Sheng  A031_01276/18  1.0   December   2021Download
 Lightizer  Richard  A031_0965/17  1.0   February   2020Download
 Lim  Huay Fang  A031_01198/18  1.0   March   2021Download
 Lin  Chin Liang  A031_01339/18  1.0   November   2021Download
 Lin  Chuan-Huang  A031_01630/19  1.0   July   2022Download
 Lin  Guo-Iang  A031_01635/19  1.0   July   2022Download
 Lin  Jen-Shian  A031_01641/19  1.0   July   2022Download
 Lin  Jyong  A031_01668/19  1.0   July   2022Download
 Han  Lijing  A031_01223/18  1.0   May   2021Download
 Liu  Yen-Ju  A031_01642/19  1.0   July   2022Download
 Liu  Li-Wei  A031_01008/17  1.0   May   2020Download
 Liu  En-Hung  A031_01627/19  1.0   July   2022Download
 Liviu  Constantin Ripea  A031_01187/17  1.0   January   2020Download
 Lizakowski  David Jeremy  A031_0917/16  1.0   December   2019Download
 Li  Ming Lun  A031_01350/18  1.0   November   2021Download
 Li  Yung Chen  A031_01357/18  1.0   November   2021Download
 Li  Chung-Lung  A031_01557/19  1.0   March   2022Download
 Li  Rajin  A031_01568/19  1.0   March   2022Download
 Li  Yulin Alice  A031_01601/19  1.0   June   2022Download
 Li  Jimin  A031_01650/19  1.0   July   2022Download
 Li  Yun-Ching  A031_0942/17  1.0   January   2020Download
 Li  Huan-Hsiang  A031_01017/17  1.0   May   2020Download
 Li Chun  Kuo  A031_01157/17  1.0   December   2020Download
 Loui  Stefan  A031_0870/16  1.0   December   2019Download
 Lo  Shih Ping Lo  A031_01338/18  1.0   November   2021Download
 Lo  Yu Thing  A031_01352/18  1.0   November   2021Download
 Lo  Shih-Han  A031_01570/19  1.0   March   2022Download
 Lo  Ta-Wei  A031_0956/17  1.0   January   2020Download
 Lucht  Chen-Chung  A031_0949/17  1.0   January   2020Download
 Luo  Kuei Yan  A031_01168/17  1.0   December   2020Download
 Luo  Hongwei  A031_01262/18  1.0   May   2021Download
 Lu  Xianjue  A031_01330/18  1.0   November   2021Download
 Lu  Yi Tsun  A031_01361/18  1.0   November   2021Download
 Lu  Yu-Shu  A031_01566/19  1.0   March   2022Download
 Lu  Steven  A031_01726/19  1.0   September   2022Download
 Lu  Chen-Chung  A031_0949/17  1.0   January   2020Download
 Lu  Ying  A031_01046/17  1.0   June   2020Download
 Madadi  Sriniras Reddy  A031_01425/18  1.0   January   2021Download
 Mahajan  Sagar  A031_01128/17  1.0   October   2020Download
 Makhija  Abhay  A031_01181/17  1.0   December   2020Download
 Malleichervu  Govina  A031_01604/19  1.0   June   2022Download
 Mandala  Sampath Kumar  A031_01250/18  1.0   June   2021Download
 Mangas  Jeremy  A031_01248/18  1.0   June   2021Download
 Manohar  Ruchi  A031_0957/17  1.0   February   2020Download
 Man  Daniel Marius  A031_01589/19  1.0   July   2022Download
 Martinbianco  Roberto  A031_01233/18  1.0   May   2021Download
 Matsuura  Kenji  A031_01706/19  1.0   September   2022Download
 Matyka  Raymond  A031_01423/18  1.0   January   2021Download
 Mayr-Huber  Josef  A031_01125/17  1.0   October   2020Download
 Ma  Take Man  A031_01439/19  1.0   February   2022Download
 McGrail  Randy  A031_0863/16  1.0   November   2019Download
 Mehta  Ritesh  A031_01180/17  1.0   December   2020Download
 Meng Hung  Yeh  A031_01144/17  1.0   November   2020Download
 Merkel  Rolf  A031_01113/17  1.0   September   2020Download
 Merzbacher  Marco  A031_0972/17  1.0   March   2020Download
 Merz  Dominik  A031_01309/18  1.0   October   2021Download
 Meyer  Sebastian  A031_01098/17  1.0   August   2020Download
 Miller  Richard  A031_01614/19  1.0   June   2022Download
 Mitter  Thomas  A031_01056/17  1.0   June   2020Download
 Moelder  Birgit  A031_01453/19  1.0   February   2022Download
 Syed Mohammed  Fareed Ul Hasan  A031_01733/19  1.0   September   2022Download
 Mohanrangan  Barathumar  A031_01737/19  1.0   September   2022Download
 Monfette  Nathan  A031_0864/16  1.0   November   2019Download
 Moon  Jeong-mee  A031_01147/17  1.0   October   2020Download
 Mosser  Chris  A031_0960/17  1.0   February   2020Download
 Mukhopadhyay  Mousumi  A031_01184/17  1.0   December   2020Download
 Munoz  Luis  A031_01723/19  1.0   September   2022Download
 Musa  MD Abu  A031_01612/19  1.0   June   2022Download
 Muthiah  Pirabakaran  A031_01850/20  1.0   May   2023Download
 Muthusamy  Arunprasath  A031_01835/20  1.0   May   2023Download
 Nagaluru  Venkata  A031_01736/19  1.0   September   2022Download
 Nagarajan  Pranav  A031_01109/17  1.0   September   2020Download
 Nagasus  Madhuritha  A031_01825/20  1.0   March   2023Download
 Naga  Vikas  A031_01415/18  1.0   January   2021Download
 Nagendla  Sumanth  A031_01839/20  1.0   May   2023Download
 Nallamothu  Harindra Chowdary  A031_01852/20  1.0   May   2023Download
 Narvekar  Alap  A031_01251/18  1.0   June   2021Download
 Nawabjan  Syed Saleem  A031_01831/20  1.0   May   2023Download
 Nelson  James  A031_01829/20  1.0   April   2023Download
 Nuampan  Wanwisa  A031_01625/19  1.0   July   2022Download
 Ohhoon  Kwon  A031_01030/17  1.0   May   2020Download
 Orth  Christian  A031_01092/17  1.0   August   2020Download
 Ott  Gregor  A031_01239/18  1.0   May   2021Download
 Pabbu  Akkil Sai  A031_01253/18  1.0   July   2021Download
 Panizza  Claudio  A031_01242/18  1.0   May   2021Download
 Pan  Tao  A031_01326/18  1.0   November   2021Download
 Papo  Aleksandar  A031_01421/18  1.0   January   2021Download
 Park  Jaesson  A031_01679/19  1.0   July   2022Download
 Park  Kyung Hoon  A031_01145/17  1.0   October   2020Download
 Parmar  Janmey  A031_0174/17  1.0   December   2020Download
 Pasupuleti  Venkata Suresh  A031_01192/18  1.0   March   2021Download
 Patel  Keyur  A031_0915/16  1.0   December   2019Download
 Patel  Samir  A031_01418/18  1.0   January   2021Download
 Patibandla  Varun Chowdary  A031_01843/20  1.0   May   2023Download
 Pawar  Bandoba  A031_01602/19  1.0   June   2022Download
 Peng  Zhaoguang  A031_01830/20  1.0   May   2023Download
 Peng  Ping-Wei  A031_01327/18  1.0   November   2021Download
 Peralta  Kuang Yu  A031_01292/18  1.0   November   2021Download
 Piyu  Engenio S.  A031_01125/17  1.0   September   2021Download
 Plha  Matthias  A031_01312/18  1.0   October   2021Download
 Podgorny  Michael E.  A031_01619/19  1.0   June   2022Download
 Po  Cheng Cheen  A031_01336/18  1.0   November   2021Download
 Prabhakar  Atul  A031_01186/17  1.0   January   2020Download
 Pramil  Jean-Philippe  A031_01118/17  1.0   September   2020Download
 Probst  Patrick  A031_01235/18  1.0   May   2021Download
 Pyers  Eric  A031_01605/19  1.0   June   2022Download
 Python  Gabriel  A031_01240/18  1.0   May   2021Download
 Qian  Yue  A031_01657/19  1.0   July   2022Download
 Qi  Debin  A031_01324/18  1.0   November   2021Download
 Qintana  Gabriel  A031_01416/18  1.0   January   2022Download
 Ranganathan  Gowtham  A031_0831/16  1.0   October   2019Download
 Rangaraju  Lohit Mallohalli  A031_01025/17  1.0   May   2020Download
 Ranjbar  Ali  A031_01417/18  1.0   January   2021Download
 Ranville  Scott  A031_01049/17  1.0   June   2020Download
 Ratan  Santosh Kumar  A031_01845/20  1.0   May   2023Download
 Rebhan  Anja  A031_01091/17  1.0   August   2020Download
 Reddem  Srikanth Reddy  A031_01177/17  1.0   December   2020Download
 Reid  John  A031_01606/19  1.0   June   2022Download
 Riegler  Stefan  A031_01055/17  1.0   June   2020Download
 Rinehart  Lawrence  A031_01175/17  1.0   December   2020Download
 Rojek  Martin  A031_01062/17  1.0   July   2020Download
 Rott  Manuel  A031_01301/18  1.0   October   2021Download
 Sadayagounder  Kamban  A031_01710/19  1.0   September   2022Download
 Seanz  Adam J.  A031_01252/18  1.0   June   2021Download
 Sakhamudi  Rambobu  A031_01609/19  1.0   June   2022Download
 San-Peng  Kao  A031_01275/18  1.0   July   2021Download
 Sandoval  Cesar  A031_01414/18  1.0   January   2021Download
 Sathyaseelan  Mohan  A031_01291/18  1.0   September   2021Download
 Sauer  Martin  A031_01305/18  1.0   October   2021Download
 Schenker  Frederic  A031_01232/18  1.0   May   2021Download
 Schrecker  Sven  A031_01734/19  1.0   September   2022Download
 Schroeder  Steven  A031_0958/17  1.0   February   2020Download
 Seaman  William E.  A031_011404/19  1.0   October   2022Download
 Sebastian  Christopher  A031_01721/19  1.0   September   2022Download
 Sendatzki  Meike  A031_01452/19  1.0   February   2022Download
 Shah  Ruchir  A031_01611/19  1.0   June   2022Download
 Shang-Hang  Chen  A031_01273/18  1.0   July   2021Download
 Sharma  Shefali  A031_01420/18  1.0   January   2021Download
 Sheng  Hui Chiu  A031_01358/18  1.0   November   2021Download
 Sheng  Sheng Fa Hou  A031_01284/18  1.0   September   2021Download
 Shen  Yueh Sheng  A031_01340/18  1.0   November   2021Download
 Shih  Min-Huai  A031_01162/17  1.0   December   2020Download
 Shou-Chieh  Huang  A031_01265/18  1.0   July   2021Download
 Sikaria  Mayank  A031_01044/17  1.0   June   2020Download
 Silva  Eric  A031_01241/18  1.0   May   2021Download
 Singer  Christian  A031_0870/18  1.0   November   2021Download
 Singh  Aviral Kumar  A031_0980/17  1.0   March   2020Download
 Sinha  Privanha  A031_01718/19  1.0   September   2022Download
 Sirigineedi  Jagadish Babu  A031_01374/18  1.0   December   2021Download
 Speer  Jason  A031_01825/20  1.0   April   2023Download
 Stamm  David  A031_0866/16  1.0   November   2019Download
 Stauffer  Jonathan  A031_01715/19  1.0   September   2022Download
 Stephenson  Kelly  A031_01051/17  1.0   June   2020Download
 Stork  Torsten  A031_01451/19  1.0   February   2022Download
 Stuart  Daniel Wayne  A031_01621/19  1.0   June   2022Download
 Subba  Srujana Sree  A031_01182/17  1.0   December   2020Download
 Subramanian  Nachiappan  A031_01382/18  1.0   December   2021Download
 Sultana  Nadia  A031_01599/19  1.0   June   2022Download
 Sunmin  Kim  A031_01026/17  1.0   May   2020Download
 Sun  Lingtong  A031_01833/20  1.0   May   2023Download
 Sun  Zhen  A031_01644/19  1.0   July   2022Download
 Sun  Park John  A031_01680/19  1.0   July   2022Download
 Sun  Chih Chieh  A031_01158/17  1.0   December   2020Download
 Sun  Ching  A031_01436/19  1.0   February   2022Download
 Suryo  Buono  A031_01308/18  1.0   October   2021Download
 Suturwala  Quresh  A031_01842/20  1.0   May   2023Download
 Su  Lo-Chi  A031_01640/19  1.0   July   2022Download
 Su  Jung Kim  A031_01075/17  1.0   July   2020Download
 Swain  Mark  A031_01183/17  1.0   December   2020Download
 Tae  Yongjun  A031_01024/17  1.0   May   2020Download
 Tan  Chian-Ru  A031_01015/17  1.0   May   2020Download
 Tee  Chee Seng  A031_01196/18  1.0   March   2021Download
 Thammapimuk  Bhattarapong  A031_01623/19  1.0   July   2022Download
 Thammavet  Panumard  A031_01624/19  1.0   July   2022Download
 Thapa  Mandira  A031_01387/18  1.0   December   2021Download
 Thatavarti  Amit Kumar  A031_01610/19  1.0   June   2022Download
 Thiele  Christian  A031_01300/18  1.0   October   2021Download
 Thilkumar  Shyam  A031_01043/17  1.0   June   2020Download
 Thind  Austin  A031_01828/20  1.0   April   2023Download
 Thomas  Drew  A031_01703/19  1.0   September   2022Download
 Ticaloiu  Ana Monica  A031_01454/19  1.0   February   2022Download
 Timm  Constantin  A031_01060/17  1.0   July   2020Download
 Ting  Kai Chen  A031_01337/18  1.0   November   2021Download
 Tobin  William  A031_01412/19  1.0   June   2022Download
 Torres  Ismael  A031_01620/19  1.0   June   2022Download
 Towsley  Condance S.  A031_01201/18  1.0   March   2021Download
 Tremmel  Jörg  A031_01093/17  1.0   August   2020Download
 Trenkel  Kristian  A031_01094/17  1.0   August   2020Download
 Trostle  Robert  A031_01716/19  1.0   September   2022Download
 Tsai  Sheng Yoan  A031_01333/18  1.0   November   2021Download
 Tsai  Yueh Hong  A031_01342/18  1.0   November   2021Download
 Tsai  Tzung-Shiou  A031_01934/17  1.0   January   2020Download
 Tsai  Yu-Chieh  A031_01020/17  1.0   May   2020Download
 Tsai  Hsien-Ming  A031_01278/18  1.0   July   2021Download
 Tseng  Su-Man  A031_0947/17  1.0   January   2020Download
 Tsourapas  Vasilios  A031_0959/17  1.0   February   2020Download
 Tsou  Tai-Yo  A031_0953/17  1.0   January   2020Download
 Turner  Ashley  A031_01194/18  1.0   March   2021Download
 Twining  Steven E.  A031_01202/18  1.0   March   2021Download
 Uppuladinne  Nagarjuna  A031_01383/18  1.0   December   2021Download
 Vadaparthi  Veera Venkatesh  A031_01385/18  1.0   December   2021Download
 Valdes  Jorge  A031_01708/19  1.0   September   2022Download
 Venkateswaran  Prem Anand  A031_01384/18  1.0   December   2021Download
 Venkateswaran  Arivina Alapakkam  A031_01424/18  1.0   January   2021Download
 Vergara  Edgar  A031_01709/19  1.0   September   2022Download
 Vijayaraghavan  Aswini  A031_0868/16  1.0   November   2019Download
 Vilkinofsky  John  A031_01401/19  1.0   January   2022Download
 Waligora  Thomas  A031_01717/19  1.0   September   2022Download
 Wang  Ming-Shan  A031_01434/19  1.0   February   2022Download
 Wang  Guangrong  A031_01323/18  1.0   November   2021Download
 Wang  Yuchun  A031_01331/18  1.0   August   2021Download
 Wang  Yu-Jhen  A031_01431/19  1.0   February   2022Download
 Wang  Weiwen  A031_01613/19  1.0   June   2022Download
 Wang  Chien-Min  A031_01638/19  1.0   July   2022Download
 Wang  Heng Kai  A031_01671/19  1.0   July   2022Download
 Wang  Poyao  A031_01672/97  1.0   July   2022Download
 Wang  Hsin-Yu  A031_0945/17  1.0   December   2019Download
 Wang  Su-Hui  A031_01067/17  1.0   July   2020Download
 Wang  Chia-Ling  A031_01136/17  1.0   November   2020Download
 Wang  Yu-Shen  A031_01431/19  1.0   February   2022Download
 Wei  Haibing  A031_01647/19  1.0   July   2022Download
 Wei  Gu  A031_01652/19  1.0   February   2022Download
 Wei  Min-Ju  A031_01438/19  1.0   February   2022Download
 Wen  Yao-Wei  A031_01348/18  1.0   November   2021Download
 Wen  Chien Lai  A031_01286/18  1.0   September   2021Download
 Westerfeld  Clayton  A031_01247/18  1.0   June   2021Download
 Williams  Isaac  A031_01403/19  1.0   January   2022Download
 Wilson  Mark L.  A031_01205/18  1.0   March   2020Download
 Wisniewski  Brian  A031_01048/17  1.0   June   2020Download
 Woo  Haemin  A031_01676/19  1.0   July   2022Download
 Wunner  Patrick  A031_01096/17  1.0   August   2020Download
 Wurm  Ronald  A031_01054/17  1.0   June   2020Download
 Wu  Yu Cheng  A031_01347/18  1.0   November   2021Download
 Wu  Chia-Yeh  A031_01629/19  1.0   July   2022Download
 Wu  Chia-Wei  A031_01674/19  1.0   July   2022Download
 Wu  Ying Yung  A031_0938/17  1.0   January   2020Download
 Wu  Ming-Sung  A031_01009/17  1.0   May   2020Download
 Wu  Hsin-Hua  A031_01074/17  1.0   July   2020Download
 Wu  Zhaoji  A031_01222/18  1.0   May   2021Download
 Wu  Jiaqi  A031_01228/18  1.0   May   2021Download
 Wu  Chien-Chung  A031_01433/19  1.0   February   2022Download
 Wu  Shu-Hua  A031_01626/19  1.0   July   2022Download
 Xiang  Pinyi  A031_01320/18  1.0   November   2021Download
 Xian Liang  Huang  A031_01319/18  1.0   November   2021Download
 Xie  Long Long  A031_01653/19  1.0   July   2022Download
 Ya-Mien  Chang  A031_01269/18  1.0   July   2021Download
 Yalla  Veera Ganesh  A031_0833/16  1.0   October   2019Download
 Yamijala  Sridhar  A031_01110/17  1.0   September   2020Download
 Yang-Hui  Fang  A031_01138/17  1.0   November   2020Download
 Yang  Li Chen  A031_01069/17  1.0   July   2020Download
 Yao-Sheng  Chang  A031_01271/18  1.0   July   2021Download
 Yeh  Chien-Yu  A031_01667/19  1.0   July   2022Download
 Yen-Kai  Huang  A031_01267/18  1.0   July   2021Download
 Yen  Chi Chang  A031_01349/18  1.0   November   2021Download
 Yen  Hsien-Chun  A031_0943/17  1.0   January   2020Download
 Yen  Jan-Feng  A031_0946/17  1.0   January   2020Download
 Ye  Lee Hyun  A031_01029/17  1.0   May   2020Download
 Yi  Ou-Yang  A031_0939/17  1.0   December   2020Download
 Yoon  Seong Min  A031_0904/16  1.0   December   2019Download
 Youssef  Smirani  A031_01590/19  1.0   July   2022Download
 Yu-Ting  Su  A031_01170/17  1.0   December   2020Download
 Yu  Chi  A031_01562/19  1.0   March   2022Download
 Yu  Yung-Hui  A031_01084/17  1.0   July   2020Download
 Zaher  Mohamed  A031_01052/17  1.0   June   2020Download
 Zehender  Markus  A031_01112/17  1.0   September   2020Download
 Zenker  Ralf  A031_01450/19  1.0   February   2022Download
 Zhang  Fan  A031_01373/18  1.0   December   2021Download
 Zhang  Shengwei  A031_01655/19  1.0   July   2022Download
 Zhang  Shuying  A031_01264/18  1.0   September   2021Download
 Zhang  Ying  A031_01846/20  1.0   May   2023Download
 Zhao  Jin  A031_01646/19  1.0   July   2022Download
 Zhong  Yasonien  A031_01648/19  1.0   July   2022Download
 Zhou  Yanping  A031_01322/18  1.0   November   2021Download
 Zhou  Jiawwei  A031_01224/18  1.0   May   2021Download
 Zhu  Ji  A031_01654/19  1.0   July   2022Download
 Zhu  Feng  A031_01656/19  1.0   July   2022Download
 Zibaeenejad  Mohammed  A031_01730/19  1.0   February   2022Download
 Zieles  Michael D.  A031_01204/18  1.0   March   2021Download
 Zou  Xiaobing  A031_01325/18  1.0   November   2021Download