Personal Certification MRL, IEC 62061, and ISO 13849

In the field of machinery Technology, mechanical parts are increasingly being replaced by electronic components or are controlled and monitored by electronic means. This does not only lead to an increase in the number of electronic components contained in machinery, but also to ever more complex networking, interaction and interlinking and therefore more stringent safety requirements. Safety relevant functionality is absolutely essential within modern machine technology. The safety of plant and machinery is fundamentally dependent on the full knowledge and correct application of safety standards, such as ISO 13849 and IEC 62061, alongside efficient implementation of Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. Companies must ensure that their employees who are resposnible for functional safety possess a sufficient level of competence and are suitably qualified.

 This is why we have developed a 3-stage personal certification program to fit your individual needs.

Stage 1 = FSCEM (Functional Safety Certified Engineer Machinery) demonstrates that you know the basic principles, concepts and objectives of the Machinery Directive (MD) and of the Machinery Safety Standards.
Stage 2 = FSCCM (Functional Safety Certified Coordinator /Consultant Machinery) demonstrates your competence in planning, implementation, and documentation of functional safety based on ISO 13849 and IEC 62061.
Stage 3 = FSCMM (Functional Safety Certified Manager Machinery) demonstrates your competence to act as a process owner for machinery safety and to plan activities within Projects.


Personenzertifizierung  MRL
 Nachname  Vorname  Zertifikats Nr.  Version  Gültig bis Monat  Gültig bis Jahr  Zertifikate
 Arion  Mircea  A031_01693/19  1.0   Juli   2022Download
 Astleitner  Thomas  A031_01281/18  1.0   September   2021Download
 Babion  Matthias  A031_01031/17  1.0   April   2020Download
 Baumgartner  Johan  A031_01032/17  1.0   April   2020Download
 Bularca  Mircea Dan  A031_01697/19  1.0   Juli   2022Download
 Burtsche  Jürgen  A031_01216/18  1.0   April   2021 Download
 Chevalier  Marcel  A031_01131/17  1.0   Oktober   2020Download
 Giurgioiu  Octavian Călin  A031_01699/19  1.0   Juli   2022Download
 Gohert  Nadine  A031_01218/18  1.0   April   2021Download
 Hager  Werner  A031_01033/17  1.0   April   2020Download
 Honrath  Michael  A031_01034/17  1.0   April   2020 Download
 Hottovy  Allan  A031_01134/17  1.0   Oktober   2020Download
 Humpert  Frank  A031_01280/18  1.0   September   2021Download
 Kovacs  Dominik  A031_01124/17  1.0   Oktober   2020Download
 Kratzer  Sandrina  A031_01279/18  1.0   September   2021Download
 Linke  Christoph  A031_01257/18  1.0   Juni   2021 Download
 Liu  Ming  A031_01588/19  1.0   Mai   2022Download
 Magda  Ionut-Ovidiu  A031_01700/19  1.0   Juli   2022Download
 Mühl  Christoph  A031_01035/17  1.0   April   2020 Download
 Neagoe  Vasile  A031_01696/19  1.0   Juli   2022Download
 Proca  Sebastian  A031_01698/19  1.0   Juli   2022Download
 Reinholtz  Arnold  A031_01701/19  1.0   Juli   2022Download
 Röbert  Christian  A031_01217/18  1.0   April   2021Download
 Roman  Constantin Paul  A031_01695/19  1.0   Juli   2022Download
 Schauer  Wolfgang  A031_01036/17  1.0   April   2020 Download
 Schiau  George  A031_01694/19  1.0   Juli   2022Download
 Schneider  Andreas  A031_01037/17  1.0   April   2020Download
 Stefan  Julia Dana  A031_01132/17  1.0   Oktober   2020Download
 Steger  Christian  A031_01587/19  1.0   Mai   2022Download
 Wischnewski  Sören  A031_01215/18  1.0   April   2021Download
 Yoshida  Yasuhiro  A031_01133/17  1.0   Oktober   2020Download