TÜV NORD Safety Approved Certificate

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In more and more applications faster and more complex safety relevant systems are being used. These systems take over ceaselessly far reaching safety functions in all areas. Due to this cause also risks have been risen tremendously. Manufacturers and operators know that functional safety is a fundamental condition for the use of such systems and applications.

One way to create transparency regarding the safety characteristics of such systems is the examination of obligatory industry specific standards through an independent third party. A product certification increases the attractiveness of your safety relevant products for customers and Business Partners with high safety requirements.

Following you will find a list containing our certified products.

ABB Automation Products GmbH

Electromagnetic Flowmeter FEx 300/500 Download-Certificate
Pressure Transmitter 2600T Series Pressure Transmitters Model 266 Download-Certificate
Safety Module DCS880 Upgrade Kit mit FSPS-21 Download-Certificate

ABB Gomtec

Manipulator IRB 14100 Download-Certificate


Drives Series

ACS 355 series

Drives Series

ACS180 drive series

Drives Series

ACS480 and ACH480

Drives Series

ACS560 and ACQ80

Drives Series

FPTC-02 as a plug-in module for the ABB industrial drive ACS880 series

Drives Series

CPTC-02 as a plug-in module for the ABB industrial drive ACx580 series

Drives Series

ACS 850, ACQ 810, ACSM1

Drives Series

ACQ 580

Drives Series

ACH 580

Drives Series

ACS 580

Drives Series

HES 880-104-0352A-5, HES 880-104-0602A-5 and HES 880 -104-0902A-5

Drives Series

ACS 800

Drives Series

ACS 880 and ACS 880 LC

Drives Series

ABB industrial drive ACS 380 series

Drives Series

ACS 530 drive series

Drives Series


Upgrade Series

DCS880 Upgrade series with FSPS-21

Safety modules

FSO-12, FSO-21 and FSE-31

Safety modules


Drives System MicroFlex e 190 Download-Certificate
Drives System MotiFlex e 180 Download-Certificate
Drives System MicroFlex e 150 Download-Certificate


Interlocking Manifold Types 1002, 2003, 1004 with Block-Bleed or Block-Bleed-Block Function Download-Certificate
Interlocking Manifold Type 1001 with Block-Bleed or Block-Bleed-Block Function Download-Certificate
Interlocking Manifold Type 1oo1 with Ball-Needle-Ball Function Download-Certificate

AUMA Riester GmbH & Co. KG

Electric actuator Electric actuator in SIL version Download-Certificate
Electric actuator system electric actuator system with the actuators SA(R)07.1 – SA(R)16.1/ SA(R)ExC 07.1 – SA(R)ExC16.1, SA(R)07.2 – SA(R)16.2/ SA(R)Ex07.2 – SA(R)Ex16.2 and SQ(R)05.2- SQ(R)14.2/ SQ(R)Ex05.2- SQ(R)Ex14.2 with the actuator controls AC01.2/ACExC01.2 in SIL version Download-Certificate


Inductive proximity switch BES X-X-X-D11 Download-Certificate
Induktiver Näherungsschalter BES X-X-X-D12 Download-Zertifikat

Baumer IVO

Inkrementalgeber Inkrementalgeber GI357.Z80 Download-Certificate
Inkrementalgeber Inkrementalgeber GI357.XXXXXXX EIL576S-XXXXXXX Download-Certificate


Control system APEX Ex p control system Download-Certificate

Bosch Rexroth AG

Control blocks M4-12/M4-15 Download-Certificate

Braun GmbH

TUR_Safe Schutz-System E16E368.01 bis E16E368.20 Download-Certificate
Sicherheitsgerichtete Schutzsystem E16x3xx.abc Download-Certificate
Differenzial Halleffekt Sensoren Baureihe A5S Download-Certificate


Gas measuring system Dräger Pulsar 7000 / 7700 / 7900 Download-Certificate
Wireless gas measurement system Polytron 6100 EC WL Download-Certificate

Druck Limited

Pressure transmitter PTX435 4-20mA 10k SIL Dual Download-Certificate

Dunkermotoren GmbH

Drive controllers and motors with integrated drive controller BG(E) dPro mit FS001 Download-Certificate


Kompaktsysteme 171xxxx1 Download-Certificate
Sicherheitsbauteile eloFlex mini 470EFR2D12K | 470EFR3E11K | 470EFR3E12K   Download-Certificate
Sicherheitsbauteile 462, 463, 470 Download-Certificate
Schnittstellen 363G96K30, 363096K30, 363V97, 363G7, 364097 und 364G97 Download-Certficate

Emerson Process Management

Programmable Electronic System DeltaVSIS Download-Certificate
Programmable Electronic System Ovation SIS Download-Certificate
Programmable Electronic System DeltaVSIS with Electronic Marshalling Download-Certificate
Safety-related Measuring Chain CON 011/SF, CON 011/9../SF, CON 041/SF und CON 041/9../SF in combination with sensors PR 6422, PR 6423 und PR 6424 Download-Certificate

Erhardt + Leimer GmbH

Motors with integrated drive controller AG 9..2 and AD 1..2 Download-Certificate

Ge Energy

Pressure transmitter PTX405 15k psi Wellhead SIL 4-20mA Download-Certificate
Pressure transmitter PTX405 10k psi Wellhead SIL 4-20mA Download-Certificate
Pressure transmitter PTX405 15k Generic SIL Sensor Download-Certificate
Pressure transmitter PTX405 10k Generic SIL Sensor Download-Certificate
Pressure transmitter PTX405 10k SIL Sensor 12mA Output at 430barA Variant Download-Certificate
Flow measurement system PanaFlow HT Download-Certificate
Preasure Transmitter Presens Asterix HT CAN FT BC 2xpT/TT Download-Certificate

GE Infrastucture Sensing

Flow measurement system PanaFlow HT Download-Certificate


CAN-Bus Schaltgerät CAN-MoVe-SD Gerätevariante EB/122A-44 Download-Certificate
Sicherheitsgerichtetes Schaltgerät PROFINET-PROFIsafe-Joystick EB/135 Download-Certificate

Green Hills Software

Safety Board Support Package BMW Gen5 SBSP Download-Certificate
Safety Layer (GSL)

Safety Layer (GSL)

Central Computer Unit Safe 2 - Safety Board Support PAckage (CCu-S2 SBSP)

Central Computer Unit Safe 2 - Safety Board Support PAckage (CCu-S2 SBSP)



Common SBSP (GSL)

Common SBSP (GSL)

SIL4COMP SBSP and API SIL4COMP SBSP and API Download-Certificate
35UpGen41 SBSP

35UpGen41 SBSP

Veoneer HDLM SBSP Veoneer HDLM SBSP Download-Certificate


Drives Series D1-N Download-Certificate

Hoerbiger Automatisierungstechnik

Safety function for electrohydraulic actuator TriVAX Download-Certificate
Safety function for electrohydraulic actuator TriVAX compact Download-Certificate

Honeywell International

Multivariable Transmitter SMV 800 HART SmartLine Multivariable Transmitter Download-Certificate
Temperature Transmitter SmartLine STT850 HART Temperature Transmitter Download-Certificate
Wave Radar Level Transmitter SLG700 SmartLine Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitter with HART Download-Certificate
Temperature Transmitter SmartLine STT750 HART Temperature Transmitter Download-Certificate
Temperature Transmitter SmartLine STT 700 HART Temperature Transmitter Download-Certificate
Pressure Transmitter SmartLine STT 700 HART Pressure Transmitter Download-Certificate
Pressure Transmitter SmartLine STT 800 HART Pressure Transmitter Download-Certificate

IEP Technologies

Suppressor units 3“ und 5“ Download-Certificate

Ifm electronic GmbH

Troxmodul AC-EM/SIL Download-Certificate

Ifm syntron GmbH

AS-I circuit board AC015S Download-Certificate
Inductive proximity switch GG851S Download-Certificate
Inductive proximity switch GX 70XS Download-Certificate
Safety-related rope position sensor GS5001AI Download-Certificate
SmartLine SafetyModule with AS-Interface AC009SAD Download-Certificate
Magnetic sensor MN20xS and MN50xS in combination with AC4x2S and G150xS Download-Certificate
Magnetic sensor MN20xS and MN50xS in combination with the evaluation units from the Typ AC4x2S and G1503S Download-Certificate
Inductive proximity switch GX 71XS Download-Certificate
Inductive proximity switch GX 50XS Download-Certificate
SmartLine SafetyModule with AS-Interface AC009S Download-Certificate
Safety-related rope bearing sensor GS5001AJ Download-Certificate
inductive proximity switch series GX85XS Download-Certificate

JUMO GmbH & Co. KG

Safety temperature monitor STB/STW 701150 Download-Certificate
Temperature limiter STB/STW 701155 Download-Certificate
Pressure transmitter Typ 403022, Typ 403023, Typ 403025, Typ 403026 Download-Certificate
Temperature monitor STB/STW Ex 701155 Download-Certificate
Temperature transmitter Typ 707071 Download-Certificate
electromagnetic flowmeter JUMO flowTRANS MAG Download-Certificate
electromagnetic flowmeter JUMO dTRANS T06 Ex (Typ 707075) Download-Certificate

Jeaner Antriebstechnik GmbH

drive system ECOMPACT 100 Download-Certificate
Servo amplifiers ECOVARIO 114DR, 616AR, 616DR Download-Certificate

JVL Industrie Elektronik

Integrated Stepper Series MIxyyz Download-Certificate

KONE Elevators

Escalator electrification Pessrae(1.0) Download-Certificate

Kollmorgen Cooperation

Safety functions AKD 2G Download-Certificate

Neway Valve

Valve Butterfly Valves Download-Certificate
Valve Gate Valves Download-Certificate
Valve Ball Valves Download-Certificate

NTI AG / LinMot

2S Drive System 2S Drive System Download-Certificate

Optronics Technology AS

Optical gas detectors PG11 and PGE11 Download-Certificate

Parker Hannifin GmbH & Co.

Drive series PSD1 Download-Certificate

Phoenix-Contact GMbH & Co. KG

Temperaturmessumformer MACX MCR / PL Download-Certificate

Presens AS

pressure transmitter Presens Asterix Subsea pT/TT ModSafe Download-Certificate


Maschinenschutz-System PROGNOST -SILver, 2nd generation Download-Certificate

R. STAHL Schaltgeräte GmbH

Temperature transmitter 9282/1x-51-16x Download-Certificate

Schneider Electric

Motor Controller MC-4 IE Download-Certificate
Motor Controller LXM 62 Download-Certificate
Motor Controller ILM 62 Download-Certificate
Motor Controller ILM 62 Safety Modul Download-Certificate
Servoverstärker LXM 32 Download-Certificate
Servoverstärker LXM 62 Varianten E/F mit erweiterten Sicherheitsfunktionen Download-Certificate
Safety Module M2xx (TM3SAC, TM3SAFL) Download-Certificate
Safety Module M2xx (TM3SAK, TM3SAF) Download-Certificate
Abschaltende Moment Funktion Lexium ILx1 und Lexium ILx2 Download-Certificate
STO Function ATV 6XX / 9XX Download-Certificate
eSM Enhanced Safety Module (eSM) Download-Certificate
STO Function SD328x Download-Certificate
STO Function LXM32i, BMi und LXM32i Module Download-Certificate
Safety System TM 5/7 Download-Certificate
STO BLP 14 Download-Certificate
ATEX Abschaltmodul mit Temperaturbegrenzung BLS 242 Download-Certificate
Servoumrichter LXM05 Download-Certificate
Safety Modules TM3S AF; TM3S AK Download-Certificate


Installation encoder Einbaugeber EI7C FS Download-Certificate
Drive Safety-Option Safety-Option S12A/B Download-Certificate
Drive unit Elektronikmotor DRC.. Download-Certificate
Electronic brake module Bremsmodul BST Download-Zertifikat
Drive System MOVIAXIS® MMD60B Download-Certificate
Safety brakes Typ BE Download-Certificate
Drive system MOVIDRIVE® MCX20B Download-Certificate
Double brake Typen BT11-30(FS) Download-Certificate
Drive system MOVIMOT® D Download-Certificate
Servo amplifier MOVIAXIS® MXA Download-Certificate
Drive unit MOVIDRIVE® MDX60B/61B Download-Certificate
safety-related subsystem Optionsmodulprofisafe Download-Certificate
safety system TM 5/7 Download-Certificate

Sick AG

Inductive proximity switch IN40-D0x0xK Download-Certificate
Inductive proximity switch IN30-E0x0xK Download-Certificate
Inductive proximity switch IN40-E010xK Download-Certificate


Türantrieb KFM Safety Download-Certificate

Siemens AG

Gasturbinenschutzsystem SGTx-2000E Download-Certificate
Gasturbinenschutzsystem SGT5-4000F Download-Certificate
Gasturbinenschutzsystem SGTx-8000H Download-Certificate
pressure transmitter SITRANS P320/P420 (4...20mA/HART) Download-Certificate
flow transmitter SITRANS FC430 Compact Download-Certificate


Sensor DrägerSensor® UGLD (Type LD05.21-A01) Download-Certificate

Vector Informatik GmbH

Operating System Microsar OS Safe Context MPC5xxx (rev. 6.16) Download-Certificate

Voith Turbo GmbH & Co. KG

Trip Shutoff Module Produktfamilie TSM-YXXABC Download-Certificate