Calculation of Protective Circle

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An Important Factor while you are looking at Safety Driven Functions

An important factor while you are looking at safety-driven functions is the Determination of the residual error probability (PFDavg/ PFH) of Schutzkreisen, i.e. the assessment of Schutzkreisen in regards to quantitative failure performance. The entire System consisting of sensor, actor and input unit must reach the required safety integrity of the safety functions. All components, which contribute to the execution of a safety function to reduce risk, must be looked into. The SIL capability of each component must suffice hereby for the SIL of the function.

Our Services

  • Help with proof of normatively required quantitative limit values of Schutzkreisen
  • Support with the lay out design of Schutzkreisen

This is how we work

  • Tool based calculation of the failure probabilities PFD, PFH of Schutzkreisen under consideration of safety architectures, testing ranges and repair times
  • Determination of the β-factor in relation to failures due to common cause