HAZOP Analysis

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HAZOP Analysis (HAZard and OPerability)

Stoppages and constellations of a system or part of a system, which is predictable may not have a negative effect over the entire life cycle – that is a principle of safety relevant systems.

With help of the HAZOP analysis as many dangers as possible can be identified beforehand. A threat in the sense of the HAZOP is a situation that poses a real or potential threat for humans or the Environment and can lead to an accident.

Our services:

  • Analysis of situations that can be caused by the system and situations that can affect the system from the environment.
  • Analysis of possible errors e.g. control errors, development errors or errors due to mechanical wear (inadequate maintenance) and failure of electronic components

That's how we do it:

  • Support in forecasting possible events, finding causes, estimating impacts, and defining countermeasures.
  • classification of all possible errors: Error source: Development error / runtime error Error Type: Permanent / Sporadic / Conditional Errors Range: value / time / unsolicited actions
  • Design and analysis of possible scenarios