Trusted Tool

Trusted Tool - Confidence in Software Tools for Safety Directed Developments

For the development of safety-directed Systems the use of software tools within the safety life cycle is getting more and more important. Development Tools are an essential part of product development and must be selected diligently and according to defined criteria. Important tasks and supporting processes within the development process are realised or improved through software. The ISO 26262 as well as the IEC 61508 have defined requirements for the tools and requests documented trust into the tools.

Tool Qualification

Depending on the Project a tool qualification Analysis and assessment depending on the ASIL or SIL for the respective safety Goal has to be determined in the planning phase. The degree of trust (e.g. Tool Confidence Level – TCL) of each tool used must be analyzed under consideration of the Impacts on the development process and the possible recognition of a failure. Serious consequences on the safety function through the tool used mean that a high volume of trust in the tool is necessary and the qualification has to be conducted according to the requirements of each standard.


Functional Safety Design Tool FSDT V1.2

Green Hills Software Inc

Multi integrated dev. enviromentMULTI IDE and Toolchain

Intland Software GmbH

codeBeamer 8.0.0

ITK Engieering AG

Test Automation Framework TAF Tool Rel.1.8

Polarion Software GmbH

Polarion Polarion 2012 SR1 ALM/RM/QA

Schneider Electric Automation GmbH

Schneider Electric Automation GmbH SoSafe Programmable