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Fault Tree Analysis

A sufficiently low failure probability is one of the most important characteristics of each safety related product, system or subsystem. The fault tree analysis is a structured approach for which defined cases of failures, systems and subsystems are divided up logically and the components are examined that can cause failures. It is based upon a graphic portrayal with logical symbols with which logical connections (e.g. OR-Gate or AND-Gate) or events are presented.

Our Services

With this methodology we will search for events with you, which can cause the occurence of a dangerous top event. With the help of through the FMEDA calculated failure probabilities of subsystems and components the calculated fault trees are evaluated and assessed. Hereby the results of the FMEDA will be integrated into the FTA.

Benefit from our professional experience that will help you to identify potential failures in your System at an early development phase. We will partner with you to develop construction alternatives out of the results reached.