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Taking the clever route

In a hurry? Then it's time to start learning. Here is the quickest way to earn basic qualifications.

Learning, learning, learning

If you want to acquire the basic skills the fast way, you'll need to sit down not only behind the wheel, but also behind a desk:

  • You complete 140 course hours, each 60 minutes. Along with this, there are at least 10 driving lessons.
  • You must pass the 90-minute theory test.

Possession of a driving licence is not necessary for the accelerated initial qualification.

What you can expect in the theory test

The theory test is conducted in written form. It consists in equal parts of

  • Multiple-choice questions and
  • questions with direct answers.

The theory test lasts 90 minutes.

A sample test sheet is available as a free download from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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