Driving licence classes

Class meeting

Re-educating Germany: While the old German licence categories were numbered, Europe now follows the alphabet. Whether car, motorcycle, or tractor – everything is in a class by itself and is assigned a special letter.

The new driving licence classes

Classes A, A1, M

Licence or no licence, for many young people, there is no question at all: they expect to have their first motorcycle license on their 16th birthday.
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Driving licence classes B and BE

Whoever says A as in auto, must do B: after all, that is the letter for the licence to drive cars. With class B, you can drive passenger cars or lorries with a gross weight of up to 3.5 t.
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Lorry driving licence classes C1, C1E, C, and CE

You are the capitan of the rural road and your captain's patents are the class C driving licences. The EU law has also lead to growing numbers of drivers signing up for driving schools.
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Bus driving licence classes D1, D1E, D, and DE

Next station: bus driver's licence. Regardless of whether it's for public transportation or the travel industry: You are always responsible for the passengers.
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Tractor driving licence classes L and T

Who dreamt of driving tractors as a child? In agricultural or forestry, this dream is part of everyday life and young people are eligible to obtain the corresponding licence.
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