Basic qualification - only exam

Qualified for the future

Quality safety is road safety. Not everybody who is allowed to sit behind the wheel of a lorry, is qualified for the current requirements for the safe transport of goods and people. Only the basic qualification establishes a secure basis.

What is in the basic qualification?

You have a valid driving licence. Great, you've fulfilled the most important criterion for drivers. But that's not enough in today's mobile society. 

For the basic qualification for drivers, you need knowledge and skills that go beyond safely holding a driving license in the right class.

Technical skills belong to these just as much as the subtle intuition you develop with regard to the risks of the road. How can workplace accidents be avoided? How do you get goods or passengers safely from point A to point B? And you should consume as little fuel as possible in doing so. In addition to the haulage rules and regulations you also learn how to deal confidently with clients and colleagues, because a negative image can drive a company into the ground.

You do not have to attend training for the basic qualification, although it is recommended. At the end there is a 7.5-hour examination at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Part 1: Theory for practice

The four-hour written examination consists in equal parts of

  • Multiple-choice questions
  • Questions with direct answers
  • Explanation of practical situations.

Our tip: Download the free sample test from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Part 2: Practical safety

The practical test lasts 3.5 hours and consists of:

  • A driving test
  • A practical exam part
  • Mastering a critical driving situation

Happy travelling!

The road test lasts 120 minutes. In it, you put your practical driving skills to the test. This includes driving within and outside built-up areas, on fast roads and motorways. No matter how dense the traffic, you are master of the situation. 

Everything under control

This part of the practical test lasts 30 minutes. Here you show the examiners that you are you have everything under control when it comes to securing cargo. Sure, you observe all the safety regulations.

A critical situation

Snow, rain, potholes, and small disasters: Now keep your cool for at least 60 minutes. In this hour, the testers want to see how safely you steer through adverse conditions. This exam part takes place in a high-performance simulator or in special grounds.