Reducing points early

Drivers who have too many penalty points registered at the official driving licence authority in Flensburg and who want to avoid losing their licence should reduce their points in good time on a voluntary basis. It is basically possible for every driver to cancel out 2 points. Even better: avoid points altogether.

Two ways to reduce points

You should act very rapidly if you have already accumulated 14 or more points and the driving licence authority requires you to attend a special development seminar. No points are deducted as a direct result of the seminar, but afterwards you can participate in voluntary advisory sessions with a traffic psychologist. In this case the advisory sessions present the final opportunity to actively reduce the number of points, as any further traffic offence can lead to loss of the licence.

Reducing points in advisory sessions

In order to reduce points through advisory sessions, we make three to four appointments for you with an experienced Nord-Kurs traffic psychologist. These are closed and confidential one-to-one meetings whose aim is to help you recognise your own mistakes in the road traffic context and to improve your ability to avoid inappropriate behaviour in future.

Following the conclusion of the advisory sessions, you receive a certificate to present to your driving licence authority. This then leads to a deduction of 2 points from your total in Flensburg. Our tip: It is better to reduce points early – don’t wait until the situation is critical.

Reducing points in a seminar

Novice drivers who have driven under the influence of alcohol or drugs during their probationary period are required to participate in a NAFAPLUS points reduction seminar, also known as a “special development seminar”. Attendance at the seminar is also required of experienced drivers guilty of the same behaviour. Points can then be reduced as follows:


  • Starting with up to 8 points, a reduction of 4 points,
  • Starting with 9-13 points, a reduction of 2 points.
  • In the case of 14-17 points, the point reduction seminar is required by the driving licence authority (without points reduction). Non-attendance results in withdrawal of the licence.

Our tip: If you are acting as a support passenger within the accompanied driving scheme (driving licence at the age of 17), you are only permitted to have up to 3 points. If you have up to 7 points, you can reduce them to 3 or less by attending our seminar.