TÜV NORD ConfidenceCheck

For those with nothing to hide

The whole truth about the used vehicle trade: With the TÜV NORD Confidence Check, TÜV NORD Mobility offers you appropriate fair purchasing advice. Both buyers and sellers can rely on this. You are present when our experienced experts inspect the entire vehicle using a checklist of over 80 points.

Buy and sell with reassurance. Simply priceless!

For just 89,00 euros you can learn the whole truth about your car. Expertly, independently and safely

The benefits to you as a seller:

  • You have the advance trust of potential purchasers
  • You have a convincing quality argument over other sellers
  • Buyers trust your price, there's no need for long negotiations
  • You can sell with a clear conscience

Arrange your Confidence Check from TÜV NORD now. Simply arrange an appointment with a guarantee of promptness at your TÜV STATION.

The benefits to you as a buyer:

  • Technical, bodywork or accident damage? Our experts notice what cannot be seen at first glance.
  • You can have confidence in your "new" used car and feel safer
  • You know what you're getting for your money and don't get any nasty surprises 

TÜV NORD expert tip: Bring all documents you have for your vehicle to the TÜV NORD Confidence Check (e.g. registration document, service log, old invoices). We can often use these to gain additional useful information on the vehicle.