Medical Estimate

Fit enough to drive?

If you are under the impression that your performance behind the wheel is not up to par, you should do something. This also applies, of course, if family members bring the issue to your attention or your physician has warned you of side effects of an illness or medications. Ultimately, the important thing is your safety on the road and the safety of the other drivers. We know how multifaceted the reasons can be for a medical appraisal to be required. This is all the more reason to deal with you in a compassionate and individual way, the way that we ourselves would like to be treated.

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Our physicians will take their time with you and they will provide personal support during the examinations and tests. Whether it be to clear away reasons for suspicion or to provide you with individual assistance in overcoming a problem. After all, your mobility is at stake: Perhaps it is even necessary for your profession. In any case, you would like to continue to be "mobile" in order to visit friends or relatives or to pursue your hobbies. In short: It is a question of quality of life.

Put your trust in us

  • Because we are effectively organized, cost-effective and experienced assessors,
  • we accept your problems on a one-on-one basis,
  • we are close by,
  • we promise to protect your personal data,
  • our appraisals are accepted by authorities and courts because they are well-founded and professional
  • our physicians always have the latest scientific information.