TÜV NORD MobilityCheck

Safe driving for elderly people

Mobility is not a question of age. Today, a quarter of drivers are over the age of 60. But our roads are increasingly hectic and traffic is ever more dense and dangerous. Many older drivers are asking themselves: can I cope with this? Am I able to concentrate sufficiently and react quickly enough? The TÜV NORD Mobility check answers this.

When reactions begin to slow as part of ageing

Mobility raises the standard of living. The car is important for social contact particularly for the elderly: children and grandchildren live far away, friends in other towns. At the same time, many older drivers feel insecure; because everybody knows: your performance falls with age. Their concentration is lessened, they become tired more quickly. The more complex the situation, the more difficult it is for you to react.
At the same time, your visual acuity is reduced. High blood pressure, diabetes and movement restrictions are further risk factors.

Take the fitness check

Many elderly road users are aware of their responsibility and take TÜV NORD's mobility check. The test is voluntary, the results remain anonymous. Get some personal and independent advice. This also includes a meaningful performance-psychology examination. If required, a traffic medical doctor will examine and consult you.

So that you can relax behind the wheel.

For your safety, we test:

  • Responsiveness and ability to handle pressure
  • Concentration ability and attentiveness
  • Safety and swiftness when acquiring an overview

Simply make an appointment. We can also arrange this at short notice. Our assessment centres can be found here.

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