Medical-Psychological Assessment

Prove your fitness to drive by means of the Medical-Psychological Assessment

If a driver commits serious or repeated traffic offences, the German road traffic licensing authority generally issues a requirement for a medical-psychological assessment (MPU), to confirm that the driver will not present a danger to road traffic in the future.

The assessment consists of three parts: a medical examination, a meeting with a traffic psychologist and a reaction test. The results of these can be found in the MPU assessment report.

Different reasons

The most common reason for an assessment is the committing of traffic violations under the influence of alcohol, either after the first incident involving alcohol at 1.6 per mille or higher, or after repeated incidents of DWI (driving while intoxicated). But other reasons, such as driving under the influence of drugs, too many penalty points in the road traffic database or offences associated with aggression, can also lead to the need for an assessment.

The MPU assessment report

If the MPU is completed successfully, a positive assessment report is issued for presentation to the relevant licensing authority. Many people do not know that the authority always makes the decision regarding fitness to drive independently on its own responsibility, although reference is made to the MPU assessment. A positive MPU assessment therefore generally means that the license of the affected driver is reinstated or that the driver can retake the driving test or take it for the first time.

Registration and further information

The Medical-Psychological Assessment can only be performed by an officially-recognised assessment body for fitness to drive (BfF). TÜV NORD Mobilität is able to offer you more than 50 suitable locations throughout Germany.

We will be pleased to answer any of your questions regarding the MPU assessment and to offer you a suitable appointment.

Depending on the individual case, you may have to prove in the MPU that you practice abstinence with regard to alcohol and drugs. Please therefore find out in advance if this applies to you. You can apply for an Abstinence Certificate in one of the TÜV NORD Medical-Psychological Institutes.